485 lbs.
Tampa, Fla.
Chokeslam; Knockout Punch; Colossal Clutch
ECW World Champion, WWE Champion, WCW Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WWE Hardcore Champion, United States Champion, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion

Reminiscent of Andre the Giant and Big John Studd before him, Big Show is a feared competitor who can intimidate an opponent with his size and stare alone. The pound-for-pound World's Largest Athlete's measurements are astounding: 441 pounds; 7-feet of raw girth and might; 22 EEEEE shoe size; 22 1/2 ring size and a 64-inch chest.

Big Show made his in-ring debut in WCW where he left a massive impression as The Giant, and captured the WCW Championship on two occasions, along with the WCW Tag Team Titles. The Giant had an immediate impact in WCW, focusing his attention on some of the biggest icons in the industry, from Hulk Hogan to The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.

In 1999, the mighty giant became a worldwide star upon signing with WWE. He continued to collide with Superstars of great renown and captured countless titles, including the WWE Championship. From "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to The Rock to Undertaker to Triple H, Big Show has battled and manhandled the top names in all of WWE.

In the years that followed, no Superstar on the roster could stand toe-to-toe with Big Show feeling anything close to confident, and with good reason. Using his incredible size to utterly manhandle even the most seasoned combatants, Big Show found success wherever he went, whether it be Raw, SmackDown or ECW. Among his myriad accomplishments, Big Show became the first Superstar in history to capture the WWE, WCW and ECW Championships when he conquered The Land of the Extreme in 2006.

Although he is known to display his outside the ring, including a comedic turn in WWE Studios’ “Knucklehead,” this titanic warrior is all business when he steps through (or in his case, over) the ropes. Armed with a mighty Knockout Punch and a vast array of high-impact maneuvers, there is not a Superstar on the roster who can intimidate Big Show.

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