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Picks of the Week (December 4, 1998)

For various reasons -- timely, informative, wacky, you name it -- the following Canadian sites are listed here because we think they're worth a look. If you know of any others, please send us a note about them, and we welcome your general thoughts and suggestions about Picks. Click here if you only want to see this week's list. Or, try Daily Picks, a selection from our daily additions that stand out as noteworthy.

Yahoo! Canada's Diary

With all the online diaries floating around on the Web these days, we thought we'd cash in on the trend and let you have a little peek at one of our entries. Just don't go telling everyone what we wrote, 'kay?

December 4, 1998
Dear Diary,

Wow, what a day of self-discovery. We woke up this morning and treated it like any old morning. Had oatmeal for breakfast, two cups of coffee (cut down from six) and decided we wanted to know more about our background -- who we are, where we came from and what family we have -- that we don't know about. So, we went to The Olive Tree Genealogy to get the goods. There were plenty of places to find information -- like information on the Mohawk Nation, Loyalists in Canada, Resources and other helpful links -- but we were most interested in using the site search engine. We typed in our name and waited anxiously for the results.

Well did that ever open up a can of worms, Diary! We found out we're related to Vancouverite Gillian Guess, who is on the cover of Saturday Night magazine this month. Who's she? The first juror in North America to be convicted of obstructing justice for having an affair with an accused murderer, during the murderer's trial. We went to her site to find out more about her, and we found plenty. We read all the press clippings, and even some of Gillian's replies, in Media. We read the court transcripts from Gillian's trial in Regina v. Guess and read about her time in Burnaby Women's Prison in 5 Days in Burnaby. We couldn't have dreamed of a better place to find information on our famous relative!

Surely being related to such a notorious Canadian would be of interest to others. We decided this story was worthy of a screenplay, so we contacted the National Film Board of Canada to see what options were open to us. We learned all about the NFB in Organization, which gave us a full history and addresses. We learned about documentaries in Action! and checked out new releases in the NFB Video Store. We let ourselves be distracted for a little while, but then we buckled down and applied for a grant to get our movie on the go.

While we waited for the NFB's decision on our movie pitch, we decided to flesh out the story. We thought it should be slick and sexy, so we looked to SexLiving.com for some hints. And the site isn't sleazy or X-rated at all, Diary. It's actually a project about relationships, sex and everything in between from the students at Seneca College. There's chat rooms for adults and teens, a feature story (the one we read was about virtual sex) and advice. Some might not agree with everything that's written on the site, but we thought it was great that they promoted safe sex and awareness.

With the better part of the day already over, we thought we'd do a good deed and donate some blood. A really good source for information about blood is the Canadian Blood Services site. This is where we found out Where to Donate. We read About Blood and learned neat things, like how four units of blood is needed for a brain aneurysm and exactly how blood keeps us alive. And if that's not enough information, there's Publications & Links for more info.

We were a little woozy after giving blood, so we decided the best thing for us would be to go home and rest. But before we went to bed, we got our news fix. Well, sort of. See, 22online isn't the actual news, it's a parody -- but it's much more fun than the real thing. With headlines like, "Charest quits politics -- Opens hair salon!" how can you resist? They cover everything newsworthy in three sections: News Shorts, In Entertainment and Latest Sports. We like the North South Poll, which gives you a new question every time you visit. When we were getting our news fix, it asked us, "Which Furby rip-off will be the next hit toy?" (We answered, "Autistic Furby.") We've decided to ignore all serious news to avoid unnecessary stress.

And now, Diary, we're all tuckered out and ready for bed. We sure hope we can make our movie about being related to Gillian Guess. We wonder if the film board will go for it? And if they do, will we be a news item? We hope so. Ah well, that's it for another day.

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