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On Tuesday January 16th, Yale mounted a new WWW Front Door. It has taken a great deal of discussion and effort over four months to develop. In that time, all the members of the design and advisory teams observed repeatedly that every choice involved some tradeoff. However, we felt that an update of the categories and content of Yale's Front Door was due and we very much want to hear feedback from the Yale and visitor communities. Therefore, we have proceeded even though there are several aspects of the design which we would like to improve further.

As with any medium as dynamic as the World Wide Web, we will no doubt begin working on a revision of this Front Door in another month or two. We encourage you to assist us in this endeavor by letting us know what you think of Yale's new Front Door by sending electronic mail to Yale's Webmaster, at

Ad Hoc Front Door Design Team:

Ad Hoc Front Door Advisory Team

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The University front door was mounted by the Front Door Design Team.
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