Last modified: 22 October 1996.

Any Yale-affiliated organization is eligible for WWW space on the ITS institutional WWW server. The organization receives an account and 20 megabytes of space at no charge, and 21-100 megabytes is available for $100 per year.

To apply for an institutional WWW account, the head of the organization (Chairs for departments, Deans for Schools, Presidents for student organizations) must submit a request to the Webmaster Team. The request must identify a contact person who will work with the Webmaster Team on a day-to-day basis if there are account questions or concerns. A member of the Webmaster Team will meet with the contact to review HTML (if necessary), the application and account policy. The WWW account is usually created within three days of the meeting.

A member of the Webmaster Team is always available to answer specific questions and will try to be as flexible as time permits in providing assistance. However, the team does not debug HTML and does not design pages. If an organization wishes such services, many options are available. Ask the Webmaster Team for details.

The institutional WWW machine is URLs will be in the form, where account name is the name submitted on the application and authorized by the Webmaster Team. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to email


1) This account is to be used only for the serving of WWW based documents by approved University organizations and departments. The account is not to be used for the sending of electronic mail, reading NetNews, telnetting or any other Internet-related activity. The server is not to be used for personal WWW pages, for the benefit of third parties, or for profit-making activities without authorization from ITS. WWW space is only available to Yale-related organizations.

2) This server is not to be used for the construction of HTML. Due to performance demands, all page-building must be done off-line. Users should log on only to upload and download files. Users found logging on for extended periods of time may face forfeiture of institutional space privileges.

3) The organizational "contact person" is liable for any misuse of the organizational account. If the account is found to have violated University or ITS policy, the contact person as well as the organization may be subject to University and/or legal sanctions. In the event of a change in "contact person" the organization should inform the Webmaster Team immediately. A change in "contact person" is recorded only when a revised and signed application is received by the Webmaster Team.

4) Current disk policies: The organization is provided a 20 megabyte quota at no charge. Disk space of between 21-100 megabytes carries a charge of $100 per year. Each additional 100 megabytes carries an additional $100 charge (e.g., 300 megabytes costs $300 a year).

5) CGI access is available on demand. ITS staff reserves the right to rescind script permission at any time if server security and/or performance is adversely affected.

6) This account must be renewed each September.

7) WWW policy may change without notice. ITS also reserves the right to make any technical changes on this server as necessary. ITS will always endeavor to give users prior warning of such changes, although such warning may not always be possible. This policy is available at Users should periodically review this statement and watch to learn of changes in policy.

If you have any questions concerning your account, these guidelines, or University WWW policy in general, feel free to email the Webmaster Team at

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