Campus Now

New Year Issue (Jan.)

Appointment of the new President

Embodying knowledge in the global society, taking up the challenge of nurturing human resources.


Start of a new system New Executive Directors and Auditors appointed
Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences cutting a 120 year history
Joint forum with Yonsei, Korea, and Keio Universities held at Waseda. Signing a joint declaration to strengthen ties between top Japanese and Korean private universities
Staging of the School of International Liberal Studies Educational GP Symposium Discussing higher education conducted in English
To continually enhance international presence of Japan
A new base for Japanese language education and international exchange
Holding of the Waseda Journalism Award Ceremony and panel discussion
“On the Recommendation of a Beggar - Memories of Unclean Death and Carnage” University Professor Masahiro Shinoda receives the Kyoka Izumi Literature Award
Giving hope to the future pinned on continuing publication of results Japanese are sensitive to voice tone made clear in comparative culture experiment
Expectations for contributions in effective utilization of raw metals Discovery of a new gold nanostructure synthesis
Every event held in grand fashion
National championship victories for baseball, running, and the men’s and women’s kendo teams!


Staff power
Part.1 Interview
Aiming to creation of new university value
New roles required of staff
Staff power
Part.2 Staff・Work Projects
The shape of evolving university staff
Staff power
Part3 Round-table discussion
Realizing “dreams” set in faculty and staff cooperation

Messages to Their Second Century

I am what I am now by being continuously obsessed with my way of life

From the classroom window

Here we will introduce high quality education being practiced and fitting of the name “Educational Waseda”.

A WASEDA Miscellany

Research on Emotional Humanoid Robotics: a good excuse to study yourself

Career Compass

Constructing student’s futures. Focusing on what they want to do after entering a company

Waseda rediscovery

The trunk which gave birth to the “Father of Earthquake Resistant Construction”