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▼Waseda research zone - latest news on project research

Nov 13, 2018From Molecules and Cells to Individual Organisms--Reconsidering the Life Phenomenon through a Multi-Layer Approach

Institute for Advanced Research of Biosystem Dynamics (Science and Technology Research Initiative)

Oct 9, 2018Creating "Social Implementation Studies" to Bridge Advanced Chemistry and Future Societies

Institute for Social Implementation of Advanced Chemical Wisdom (Science and Technology Research Initiative)

Aug 14, 2018Transforming the Paradigm of Physics through Integration across Realms of Particles and the Universe

Institute for Advanced Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Science and Technology Research Initiative)

Jul 10, 2018Making Safety the Most Important Factor in Sustainable Future Societies

Institute for Sustainable Future Society (Science and Technology Research Initiative)

Jun 12, 2018Redesigning the Spaces and Environments Surrounding Man-Made Systems

Institute for Mechanical Engineering Frontiers (Science and Technology Research Initiative)

Apr 10, 2018Developing Strategic Collaborative Research for Creating a Super-smart Society

Institute for Advanced ICT Research (WISE Research Initiatives)