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Big 5 years ahead for e-book market, think tank predicts

The market for e-book content in this nation will grow to be worth 240 billion yen in fiscal 2015, 2.8 times its value in fiscal 2010, according to a Nomura Research Institute forecast.

About 14 million digital book readers will have been shipped to the domestic market by the end of 2015, up 18-fold from the 780,000 that will have been shipped as of the end of this year, the institute said Monday.

The proliferation of e-book readers, combined with the anticipated spread of smartphones with e-book reader applications, will cause available e-book content to greatly diversify, according to the institute.

This year has seen the e-book market become firmly established. In May, Apple Inc. of the United States released the iPad tablet computer and in November, South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. started marketing its e-book reader, Galaxy Tab.

In December, Sharp Corp. and Sony Corp. released their own rival devices, Galapagos and Reader, respectively.

(Dec. 22, 2010)
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