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The Daily Yomiuri, published by the Yomiuri Shimbun -Japan's largest and most influential newspaper- has an attractive, easy-to-read layout, with a fresh new nameplate and lively page design, making The Daily Yomiuri a newspaper that can compete with the world's best.
At only \2,650 per calendar month, The Daily Yomiuri is the most-subscribed-to English-language newspaper and offers the best value of any daily in Japan.

Please note the following conditions for subscription:

  • The cost of subscription is ¥2,650 per calendar month.
  • Subscriptions are for delivery in Japan only. (Please see the section For subscriptions outside Japan for overseas subscriptions.)
  • The Daily Yomiuri is delivered in the early morning except for the areas listed.
    [ Please click here to check the list! ]
  • Please send your subscription request at least two days before you want delivery to begin.
  • The minimum subscription period is one full calendar month. If your subscription begins from the middle of the month, the minimum subscription period is until the end of the following month.
  • An agent from your local Yomiuri Delivery Center will collect that month's payment at the end of each month.
  • A subscription of at least six months is required before readers can use our automatic bank debit system to pay the monthly subscription fee. (Applications for automatic bank transfer take about two months to process.)

For subscriptions outside Japan:

Please contact Overseas Courier Service (OCS) at 81-3-5476-8131 or email OCS will provide the total subscription fee, including shipping costs, and arrange delivery.

Notice to subscribers:

  • All personal information provided on the subscription application form will be kept by The Yomiuri Shimbun and your nearest Yomiuri Center (YC or Yomiuri Shimbun delivery outlet).
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun will refer to a subscriber's information when it receives inquiries from them and when it mails sales promotional materials to them.
  • For its part, the YC will use the information concerning when it conducts newspaper delivery and subscription fee collection services, notifies subscribers of related services and events, approaches subscribers to extend the subscription period or resume subscription and provides subscribers with information concerning products other than newspapers handled by the YC and parcel delivery services.

To Subscribe

Click on the Application for Subscription link below, or contact The Daily Yomiuri Marketing Department at one of the following:

  • Phone 0120-43-1159 (toll free)
  • Phone (03) 3216-8866 (direct)
  • Fax (03) 3216-4145
  • E-mail

The Daily Yomiuri office hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

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