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This is the home page for The Protein Structure Group, which is based in the Chemistry Department, University of York, York.

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We are an interdisciplinary group focused on the study of protein structure and function. This requires a variety of techniques including molecular biology, protein crystallography and molecular graphics and modelling. Our Group is one of the best equipped in Europe, with the most advanced crystallographic data collection, molecular graphics and computing equipment. It is also one of the largest, with over 50 research scientists. With a large post-doctoral population, the Group provides an excellent training environment for research in protein structural studies. There are no boundaries in the Group, and students are encouraged to progress a project through all the appropriate techniques, while building expertise in one particular area. The Group runs its own graduate training programme in practical crystallography and in molecular graphics and modelling.

Part of the group is involved with the development of the CCP4 suite of software.

A list of members is available and our location can be found on our map page.
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Protein Structure Group, Dept. of Chemistry, University of York, Heslington, YORK, UK, YO1 5DD. 01904 432519

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