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youtube.videos.list_by_tag (API Function Reference)


Lists all videos that have the specified tag.


method: youtube.videos.list_by_tag (only needed as an explicit parameter for REST calls)
dev_id: Developer ID. Please request one if you don't already have one.
tag: the tag to search for
(optional) page: the "page" of results you want to retrieve (e.g. 1, 2, 3)
(optional) per_page: the number of results you want to retrieve per page (default 20, maximum 100)

Example Response

        <id>k0gEeue2sLk</id> <!-- this ID can be used with youtube.videos.get_details -->
        <title>My First Motion Picture</title>
        <length_seconds>16</length_seconds> <!-- length of video -->
        <description>This is the video description shown on the YouTube site.</description>
        <upload_time>1121398533</upload_time> <!-- UNIX-style time, secs since 1/1/1970 -->
        <comment_count>1</comment_count> <!-- how many comments does this video have? -->
        <tags>feature film documentary</tags>
        ... another video ...

Error Codes

Standard error codes

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