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Welcome to Google's Privacy Channel. We've created it to keep you informed about our privacy policies -- how we treat your personal information -- and about how you can protect your privacy while using Google.
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In the first two short videos on privacy, Google talks about what information we collect when you use our search engine and the steps we've taken to protect it. In future videos, we'll talk about why Google keeps logs, what information we record when you're signed into a Google account and steps you can take to increase your privacy when surfing online. Much of this information is already available at our online Privacy Center at
Here are the five finalists from Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet & Society user-generated video contest, which Google sponsored. The contest, called Cookie Crumbles, invited users to create short videos explaining how cookies work to average Internet users.
A six-part video showing the CEPS-Google panel discussion "Online Privacy: Reconsidering Policy Options for the Digital Age" on 10 October 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. It features Peter Hustinx, the European Data Protection Supervisor; Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel at Google; Alexander Alvaro, a German Member of the European Parliament from the liberal group ALDE, as well as the Q&A; session with the some 100 participants.
Q&A at the CEPS-Google event - Part 2
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Q&A at the CEPS-Google event - Part 1
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Peter Fleischer at the CEPS-Google event in Brussels
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