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Chromium OS Security

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Ajoutée par le 18 nov. 2009

Google Chrome OS is an open source operating system for people who spend most of their time on the web built around the core tenets of speed, simplicity and security.

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Science et technologie

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  • Stallman was right. ChromeOS is open source, but if everything is "on the cloud" how can you control your informations or files?

  • This Guy Calms Me Down .

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  • @KindomOfHappiness Well in all honesty, they're building it off of a Linux OS. There's a variety of reasons why they'd want to use Chrome OS.

  • @stevenmcl1 But who in there right mind would be a professional computer person and get Chrome OS?

  • Cool, but what if you wanted to tweak the OS for your own personal purposes. Many people with more, "advanced" skills in computers like to tweak and change their OS to better suit their needs. Even if it's adding a few new files or programs within the root directory, or just simply changing how it looks. If there's a security measure to prevent any changing to the OS, it'll just overwrite what was changed so people wouldn't want to update at all. There should be a second mode for advanced users.

  • So I can't pirate shit?


  • can i play games on this system (Java games)

  • @oxygenromania

    DBAN >> Bootstrap custom firmware >> New OS.

  • Yo Dawg, I heard you like sandboxes, so we added sandbox in your sandbox so you can be in sandbox while being in sandbox :P

  • There needs to be a small offline storage so that you can access your most important apps and documents offline if your connection is not good, and keep your private stuff there. I want to create a line of browser based computers with a variant of Chromium OS (w/ improved UI) and Blackberry grade security...for dissidents in other countries. I will also redefine Cloud networking so that it does not depend on central Google computers. I have a design for that and it's currently top secret. ;)

  • Very nice quick run through the security architecture, but >>>WOW THE GUY TALKS TOO FAST!!<<< I can barely understand him, and I'm a native American-English speaker!

    Very cool tech, though

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