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Your QuickList has no videos!

To add videos to your QuickList, click on the "+" on a video you want to add (you can do this from most video pages). The list will be saved on this computer, so you can watch it later.

The account links at the top of every page will display the number of videos in your list, and are also an easy way to get back to this page.

Once your list is created, you can see the QuickList bar under any video you watch. Click the down arrow to display the full bar.

If you want to watch your entire QuickList at once, click "Play All" and it will play everything until it reaches the end or you stop a video. You can set QuickList to remove videos as you watch them by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the bar, or you can manually remove them by clicking the trash can icon next to each video.

If you want to save the list to share or to make it permanent, click "Save," and you will be able to save your QuickList as a regular Playlist.

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