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2008 38+Episodes x 30min M&SEHD


Yatterman Yatterman Yatterman Yatterman

The hit anime series from the 70s is reborn for the 21st century, with all new stories and all new animation! Yatterman has been back!

Join Gan, his girlfriend Ai, and their all-purpose rescue robot dog, Yatterwan, as they strive to foil the plans of the evil Doronbo gang. This gang will do whatever it takes to steal the riches of the world, and especially the Dokuro Rings, which give the owner three wishes if all five rings are collected. Team Yatterman fights to make sure this doesnft happen, thereby ensuring peace in the world.

The past average ratings g 20+ % !!! h of this mega hit anime series from the 70fs is reborn for the 21st century, with all new stories and all new animation. Even in Asia and Europe, YATTERMAN gained so much popularity 30 years ago too!

As long as Yatterman is there, evil will have no place in the world!

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Team Yatterman
Gan (Yatterman No.1)
A genius at mechanics
His weapon of choice is a Kendama
which he uses as a flail
and grappling hook

Ai (Yatterman No.2)
Uses a telescoping baton
which is able to emit electric currents
to shock opponents

A dice-shaped robot built by Gan.
Talks too much that often slips out
a secret in front of everyonec

A rescue robot that is clever enough to
obey the words of Yatterman. A big fan of Ai

Team Yatterman

An attractive blonde
who leads Boyacky and Tonzra
in their attempts to locate
the DokuroRings and bosses
them around constantly

Suppose to be a genius at mechanics
but ends up building a defective robots.
Wishes to become handsome
if granted the wishes

A big eater holding super strength
and far from being smart.
Dreams to marry
Ai (Yatterman No.2) somedayc


2006 52Episodes x 30min M&SEHD


Kekkaishi Kekkaishi

Yoshimori and Tokine are the descendants of the Kekkaishi families, the professional Ayakashi (demon) fighters@who have been protecting the Karasumori area for the past 400 years. At night, the two are devoting their time to train hard in their art of Kekkaishi, and to fight and clear out the Ayakashis that show up in Karasumori, a strange spiritual place where demons can strengthen their magical powers.
Demons such as Kokubou and even a group of people with superhuman abilities called Urakai are stirring up their interests in and going after the great force of Karasumori. Yoshimori blames himself for Tokinefs injury that occurred when she was rescuing Yoshimori in a battle a while back. Ever since, Yoshimori vows to protect his family and friends (especially Tokine) by becoming a strong and skillful fighter.

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Yoshimori Sumimura
The twenty-second Kekkishi to be of the Sumimuras.
In the daytime, he is just a regular 14-year-old boy who goes to a junior high school in Karasumori. But at night, he is a Kekkaishi who specializes in fighting Ayakashis (demons) to protect the neighbors of Karasumori. He generates a magical barrier around his prey by shouting gketsuh, and exterminates it by shouting gmetsu.h

Yoshimori Sumimura

Tokine Yukimura
She is also a 16-year-old Kekkaishi.
A daughter of the Yukimuras, the rival family of the Sumiuras. The two families often argue about which one is the genuine descendant of the kekkashi family.

Tokine Yukimura




A two-hour special to celebrate YTVfs 45th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of BLACK JACKfs creation by the legendary manga artist Osamu Tezuka.

Although we have come to this 21st century which once promised to be a shining future, there is much in the world that can lead to disillusionment.
The differences in environment and social standing between us lead to conflict, hardships, injury and illness. However, there is one thing that was bestowed upon each one of us equally. Life.

This special will take a look at that reality. Four stories selected from the nearly 250 stories from the manga, each presented in a half-hour chapter, will tell a different episode from the life of BLACK JACK, the mysterious and enigmatic doctor. An unlicensed, illegal surgeon of incredible skill, he is nothing short of a miracle-worker. If his client can pay the pricec




This animation TV series are based on the manga of the same name by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, the "godfather" of anime and manga.

A young boy is born into happy family has his bright future ripped away in a horrible accident. Facing certain death, he survives countless hours of critical surgery and endures a long, torturous rehabilitation. Orphaned and disfigured, the boy vows to become a surgeon and follow in the footsteps of the kindly old doctor who was not willing to give up on him.

Many years later, the miracle worker Black Jack is born. A doctor of unearthly skill who can do the impossible on the operating table. A doctor who charges his patients unbelievable fees. And a doctor who plies his trade without a license.

It's not clear why he works underground. Perhaps his license was revoked, or perhaps he has too much contempt for formality to be licensed in the first place. But licensed or not, there's no denying that this man is a surgeon the likes of which the world has never seen.

Many come to seek his aid, from dubious characters to children and even animals. Patients on death's door, patients whom other doctors gave no chance, all turn to Black Jack as their last shred of hope.

When they arrive at the doctor's house overlooking the sea, they are greeted by his only companions, a childlike girl who claims to be an adult and a strange dog. And then the mysterious figure in black appears.

"I will perform the surgery. But it will cost you..."


Black Jack
Unlicensed doctor whose surgical skill is nothing short of genius.
Known as an unscrupulous because of his exorbitant fees.
Suffering a near-fatal accident with an unexploded bomb in his childhood, he was brought back from the brink of death by his mentor Dr. Jotaro Honma but left with a lifelong scar.

Black Jack

Black Jackfs assistant, and his only family.
Though he always treats her like a child, she considers herself Black Jackfs gwifeh.
Distinguished by her unique way of speaking and her sometimes unorthodox behavior.





A sequel to BLACK JACK. Its story has a continuous plot throughout the series (whereas the original series was a collection of individual stories). BLACK JACK 21 is completely original full of more intensity, exciting actions and adventures.


21 years ago, a little boy named Kuroo Hazama is fatally injured in a horrible bomb accident. He survives through countless hours of critical surgery and endures a long, tortuous rehabilitation. Suddenly, one day, the boyfs father who abandoned him and his mother twenty-one years ago shows up on the door of his son, now Black Jack the medical genius. But soon after his unexpected reunion with his father, Black Jackfs house is bombed by someone. Eventually, Black Jackfs shocking truth behind his birth reveals. It is a big conspiracy that shakes up the world!