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1993 90' x 1 epi

Golden Pavilion:

An ever-present symbol of Japan today, many might be surprised to learn that the famed Golden Pavilion has undergone drastic transformations to reach its current, lavish standing. First constructed in the early seventeenth century, the Golden Pavilion didn't acquire its golden sheen until a modern-day refurbishment. The Golden Pavilion has been the subject for artists throughout its history, and here Toichi Kato gives us his artistic interpretation of the pavilion as it continues to mirror the splendor of the four seasons in the reflection pond that surrouds it.

1995 75' x 1 epi

"Look What I Found!"

Tetchan is no ordinary artist. Mentally and physically impaired by diseases as a baby, his capabilities are limited. Depsite this, he has developed an amazing artistic gift in his capacity to paint intense images in vibrant colors. Tetchans's work is inspiration on huge canvases. He sees the Buddha as a symbol that has protected him throughout his periods of illness since childhood. Now he incorporates an image of his belved Buddha in each of his paintings. Now 26 years old, Tetchan's work has been exhibited throughout the country, and one of his paintings was chosen to grace the album cover for the 1998 Nagano Special Olympics. Tetchan's gripping images and the story of his life are unforgettable symbols of human triumph over disability.

1997 50' x 1 epi


This documentary outlines the lives of young sumo wrestlers in training in a small coastal village in Japan. Following the ritualistic drills used by sumo wrestlers for generations, the boys endure long practice sessions and "tough love" instruction from their teacher and superiors in the dirt-packed sumo ring. Some of the boys will go on to join a professional sumo stable, but others won't be able to strike a balance between their intense training and school life.

1997 90' x 1 epi


Bringing us the beauty of the seventh century, Yakushiji Temple bears the scars of its history through war and natural disasters. It has undergone various restorations over the centuries but this latest effort is by far the most extensive. Since most of the temple records were destroyed, restoration is a huge challenge for scholars. Most puzzling of all questions if the origin of the huge Buddha statue that stands in the main temple hall, at this point no one can be sure who, what, where, when, or why it was created and how it came to be at Yakushiji Temple. For ten years, Yomiuri TV has been following this work-in-progress, and brings you the story behind this immense temple complex.  

1970 30' x 1514+ epi

Roam Japan

Starting in 1970 as a departure from the usual documentary, Roam Japan has surpassed the 1000-episode mark with its unique travel and human-interest stories. This exceptional documentary series introduces people who love to travel as they uncover the real gems of their journeys. Whether it be finding the perfect meal, or discovering the artworks of a certain region, these travelers bring their joy of being on the road to a diverse viewership. Regional crafts, local delicacies, and local culture abound as one particular region is explored in-depth by a well-known host, introducing facets of Japan not normally accessible to the average viewer.