PREMIER DATE: January 15th, 2009 23:58-24:38 40 min x 14 episodes HD HD

Starring: Naoki Tanaka, Megumi Yasu, Fumina Hara, etc

“I wish I could reset my entire life” is a thought that crosses everyone’s mind at some point in life. The theme is brought into focus in Reset, an engaging drama based on the popular comic of the same name published by Kodansha Company, Limited.

Of course, even if you could reset your life and start again, there is no guarantee that this ‘reset’ life would be perfect. What if your new life were to start going downhill again? Should you reset your new life to go back to your first one? Or should you deal with the mounting difficulties and continue your new life? What would you do?

The pivotal element of this drama is that the character in each episode is given a chance to reset their life twice. With the presence of a ‘divine arbiter’ Henri, who presents the characters with this fateful choice, every episode offers viewers the experience of making this challenging decision.


#1. Revenge of a Reclusive Woman

Mari, who suffers from social withdrawal syndrome, is enjoying chatting with trainee-surgeon, Makoto, on the Internet, by pretending to be an ordinary university student. One day, Makoto sends a picture of himself and asks Mari to do the same. Not confident about her own looks, she listens to her sister Risa who suggests that Mari send a picture of Risa instead. Mari later finds out that her sister has been seeing Makoto, pretending to be Mari. “I should have sent a picture of myself,” regrets Mari. Arbiter Henri then appears and resets her life…

#2. Revenge on a Sex Offender

On her way to work, Satsuki is sexually harassed on the bus. She grabs the molester, only to find that it is her boss. Believing that this sort of sexual misconduct shouldn’t go unpunished, she presses charges against her boss. But it backfires on her in the form of a hate campaign against her at work, one which soon becomes a threat to her family. Satsuki looks back and thinks, “I really wish I hadn’t caught him that day.” That is when arbiter Henri appears and resets her life…

#3. My Fate

Kohta, a casual worker, supports the dream of his girlfriend Miho, who wants to become an actress and play a lead role someday. Just as her dream is about to come true, Miho is murdered by Hosoyama, a young colleague from Kohta’s place of work. Hosoyama’s mistaken belief that Kohta somehow mistreated him, and his unjustified resentment, leads him to murder Miho. Kohta later finds out that Hosoyama had just been released from prison after serving a sentence for a similar crime in the past. “I wish I hadn’t hired Hosoyama after interviewing him for the job,” regrets Kohta. It is at this moment that arbiter Henri appears and resets his life…