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Jan. 15, 1998

PC Week Radio
Date Program
Jan. 15
Ellison, McNealy offer their outlooks

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Sun CEO Scott McNealy offer their views on how technology will shape the economy and business environment. Tune in to rebroadcasts of their addresses at the Bay Area Council 1999 Outlook Conference in San Jose, Calif.:

Jan. 12-14
Ringing up earnings

Jan. 12: Intel and Yahoo announce blowout earnings for the quarter. Tune in to ZDTV's rebroadcasts of
Intel's and Yahoo's earnings calls.

Jan. 13: Rebroadcast: Apple shatters estimates. Read the story.

Jan. 14: Rebroadcast: Motorola announces Q4 earnings.

More earnings calls available on ZDNN.

Dec. 8-10
Java Business Expo
Tune in to PC Week Radio's rebroadcasts of the keynotes from the Java Business Expo in New York.

Dec. 8:

Dec. 9: Dec. 10:
  • Rebroadcast: Joel Manby, President of Saab Cars USA, and Jerry Rode, Director of information technology for Saab Cars USA; William V. Russell, Vice president and general manager, Hewlett-Packard's Enterprise Systems Group
For more on the event, visit the Java Business Expo home page. And don't miss PC Week's special investigative report: Java: Moment of truth.

Nov. 15-19
Tune in to PC Week Radio's rebroadcasts of keynotes, talk shows and special events from Comdex/Fall in Las Vegas. See the program guide for the links.

Plus: For all the news, see PC Week's Comdex/Fall special report.

Comdex Webcasts powered by Compaq

(Get RealPlayer 5.0)

Spencer babbles about RollerJam, forgery fines and his own Monopoly secret.
See Spencer's Rumor Central column for the latest industry scuttlebutt.

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