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  • 1999: The year ahead
    Online sales will soar, hardware prices will fall, back-office wares will scale, and the Net will drive networking. PC Week sizes up the trends and technologies likely to make news in '99. Jan. 5

  • 1998: The year in review
    PC Week editors and analysts pick the top news, technologies and strategic issues of 1998. Dec. 28

  • Sun vs. Microsoft: Java's future in the balance
    Microsoft files its appeal to a judge's preliminary injunction order that would force it to modify its products to conform to Sun's Java standard. Updated Jan. 14

  • Moment of truth
    Sun prepares to loosen its grip on Java. Will the company go too far -- or not far enough? Find out in this special investigative report on the state of Java. Includes coverage of the Java Business Expo. Dec. 10

  • AOL, Netscape: New Web order
    News and analysis on AOL's $4 billion deal for Netscape that will shake up the whole Internet landscape. Updated Nov. 30

  • U.S. vs. Microsoft: Computing on trial
    The trial returns to the core issue of integration. Updated daily during the course of the trial.

  • FTC vs. Intel: The other antitrust case
    The FTC considers broadening its original antitrust charges against Intel based on the company's activities in the graphics chip market.

Trade shows
  • Comdex: Stick a fork in it ...
    It's done. Get a wrap-up of the products, technologies and keynotes that were in the spotlight at this year's Comdex/Fall '98 extravaganza. Includes links to winners of PC Week's Best of Comdex Awards and rebroadcasts of PC Week Radio's Webcasts from the show floor.

  • PC Week Shoot-Out: Business-to-business e-commerce
    PC Week Labs evaluates three products for Web-enabling a hydraulics maker's supply chain. Find out what this company's experience says about the state of business-to-business e-commerce products and standards. Nov. 16

  • PC Week Shoot-Out: Managed desktops
    Businesses can save a bundle of money by factoring desktop management into the TCO equation. PC Week Labs checks the math on three major vendors' solutions. Sept. 22

  • PC Week Labs On Site: Enterprise systems management
    Strained by a quagmire of applications, desktops, servers and networks, Boeing, GTE and Sabre sought relief by making hefty investments in ESM. PC Week Labs evaluates their progress and payback.

  • PC Week Shoot-Out: Videoconferencing
    PC Week Labs goes to a Wisconsin college to test whether three H.323-based videoconferencing systems have what it takes to bring the technology into wider use. See the Labs' complete report. Includes a video overview of the on-site testing procedure.

  • PC Week Shoot-Out: Hosted e-commerce
    A used fire-apparatus broker's quest to build a better e-commerce site enables PC Week Labs to test the mettle of five site-building solutions. Find out how these packages compare and see examples of the e-com sites that were built during the testing.

  • E-commerce: Finding the perfect fit
    One size does not fit all when it comes to e-commerce strategies. In this special On Site report, PC Week Labs analyzes how three different companies implemented e-commerce strategies that suit their particular needs.

  • Buying into E-commerce
    E-commerce is cutting edge, and here to stay. But should you jump in with both feet? PC Week Labs takes an in-depth look at the building blocks of E-commerce and tells you how to invest in your infrastructure wisely.

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Tech Strategies
  • Y2K Watch
    The clock is ticking! Check out PC Week's Y2K Watch for Y2K news, strategies, product reviews and analysis to help you wipe out the millennium bug from your IT systems. Updated Jan. 5

  • Making the grade
    Universities are fine-tuning their IT programs to turn out work-ready graduates -- and businesses are doing their part by participating in curriculum development, underwriting training, recruiting aggressively and more. Sept. 8

  • PC Week's 1998 Fast-Track 500
    Who's turning the promise of Internet technology into reality -- and gaining a real business advantage? Check out PC Week's authoritative list of the 500 most savvy and aggressive users of intranets, extranets and e-commerce technologies. Find out where the cream of the crop are placing their Internet bets -- and what you can learn from them.

  • TCO workout
    Thin clients and enterprise management keep total cost of ownership under control, but any method requires discipline and commitment. See PC Week's special TCO report for discussions of five programs that help manage enterprise costs, PC Week Labs' evaluations of tools for lowering TCO and more.

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