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December 11, 1997
7:24 PM PST

BULLETIN: Judge bars Microsoft link on software, browser

AOL expands Web push
6:24 PM PT NetMail, now in beta, is a free service aimed at AOL users on the run or at work. The MyNews personalization service will roll out in the next few weeks.
NCs vs. Windows: the debate continues
1:00 PM PT Execs from Microsoft and Oracle debate whether network computers are ready to take on Windows.
Internet ad growth slows
1:10 PM PT It's still been a record year for Web advertising sales -- but the rate of growth is starting to slow.
Investor PM: stocks keep sliding
Profit warnings and Asia woes drag Dow down 129 points. PLUS: Quantum falls 20 percent, Kulicke & Soffa comes apart, NASDAQ down 38. This and more in ZDNet's Interactive Investor.

Industry praises, puzzles over AT&T's @Home rumor
Dell plays Internet myth buster

Crabb: Give us the business, Apple
Dvorak: Your computer, your brain
Van Name & Catchings: 1997 review

Lycos adds site ratings from users
3Com, ZDTV to give away 10,000 'netcams'
Netscape's Netcenter opens for business

Commentary: Is future superstock trustworthy?
Intel's big TV switch stuns partners
Roaster Technologies cooked

Holiday Shopping Countdown
What you donít scroll canít hurt you?
Addicted to Quake II


BULLETIN: Microsoft calls decision 'mixed'

BULLETIN: Judge acted swiftly in MS case

BULLETIN: Judge bars Microsoft linking of software, browser

Encanto rolls out sub-$1,000 server

Netscape's Netcenter opens for business

Another Microsoft conference in the works

Defense rests in Terry Nichols’ trial

Former HUD secretary indicted

Editor’s note: an apology to readers


SATURDAY:  The Web is still mostly by and for males. But more and more, sites are targeting women.

Rat wires schools to Internet

Modem chips mesh analog and digital into one
Wired News

IBM stock holds up, but '98 is in question
Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required)

After Oracle surprise, research is blasted
Wall Street Journal (paid subscription required)

Beam me up, Scotty

Government confronts millennium bug

In a departure, Microsoft orders outdoor sculpture
Seattle Times

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