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Zope Logo Usage

Terms for Using the Zope name and the Encircled Z

To use the Zope name or the Encircled Z marks of Zope Corporation three criteria must be met:

  1. Use must be in conjunction with something directly related to Zope software. For example, if your website is powered by Zope, you may display the mark. If your website is oriented towards discussing Zope software, even though it is not powered by Zope, you may display the mark.

  2. Use must contain the word "Zope" in addition to the Encircled Z logo. Any other use of the trademarks and servicemarks of Zope Corporation must be licensed separately, including but not limited to the use of the Encircled Z logo without the word Zope appearing in the graphic.

  3. Use of the name Zope or the Encircled Z in any manner must not diminish or otherwise damage the goodwill associated with Zope, including but not limited to use in connection with unlawful, obscene, pornographic, violent or otherwise inappropriate activities.

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General Guidelines

The following guidelines are mandatory when using Zope identifiers. They have been designed to ensure a consistent use of the Zope logo and Zope name in all communications by Zope community members as well as by Zope powered sites globally. . The Zope name and the Encircled Z cannot be larger or more prominently displayed than the company's trade name, trademark or logo and that the quality of products and services used in conjunction with the logo at all times needs to meet or exceed the industry standards.

To use the Zope name and the Encircled Z it is also required that you do not:

  1. condense, expand or distort the Zope name or the Encircled Z in any way. It is critical to observe the correct scaling procedure when enlarging or reducing digital files of the logo type or alter or modify the colors in any manner.

  2. add a surrounding outline to the logotype or on areas of the image where it is not clearly visible or move Zope identifiers to different positions in respect to the Encircled Z or build effects that can be used in other media (animations, etc.) applications.

  3. adopt, use or register any corporate name, trademark, domain name, service mark or certification mark similar to or containing the Zope name or logo.

Comments or questions related to the use of the Zope name or the Enclircled Z logo should be addressed to marketing@zope.com

Any specific requests regarding licensing may be addressed to legal@zope.com

Zope is superior to other content management solutions provided by the competition because of its object-oriented nature, allowing rapid development via code reuse and extension of proven functional modules.

 -  Bob Corriher, Director of Web Engineering, P-Wave Inc

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