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Zope Overview
Zope is a unique software system: a high-performance application server, a web server, and a content management system.

Zope Developer/User Community
Zope Corporation has a unique Open Source business model which delivers on-going software control to its customers and supports a vibrant global developer and user community (

Python Overview
Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics.

Zope and Python

The centralized model of Web serving has shifted towards more efficient infrastructure technologies that leverage the Internetís edge for distributed computing. The development of ESI is one such technology that is impacting the way enterprise applications are written and deployed. We are excited by the work of Zope Corporation to develop ESI in Squid. This will dramatically help in the creation of dynamic, open source applications, while also allowing enterprises to extend the reach of their applications across the Akamai platform. We look forward to this being one of many third party implementations of ESI.
   - Bill Weihl, Chief Technology Officer, Akamai Technologies

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