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Issue Collectors

This folder hosts facilities for collecting Zope-related bug reports and feature requests.

Those wishing to track the Zope collector via email can subscribe to the Zope collector monitor mailing list.

The available collectors are:

Issues specific to the Zope application server
Zope 3 Development
Issues and tasks concerning Zope 3 Development. development
Issues specific to the new community website
CMF Development ("CMF")
Issues specific to the Content Management Framework.
Collector Development ("ColDev")
Issues specific to the collector mechanism, itself.
Adaptable Persistence Development ("Ape")
Issues specific to the AdaptableStorage product.

For those of you submitting collector issues, you're helping all Zope users - thank you. When formulating your issue, please keep in mind the challenge facing the supporters. The more you can do to include essential details and leave out irrelevant ones, the better the supporter's chances for detecting the problem or understanding the desired feature.

If you're a Zope.Org member, consider logging in to submit your issue - that will enable you to add follow-ups to the issue.

If you encounter questions or problems with the site that are not suitable for the collectors (or that prevent you from submitting the problem!), please contact via email.