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6 May: Guido wins DDJ award

4 May: Zope 1.11.0pr1 Released

3 May: Zope on cover of Linux Magazin

3 May: Adabas adapter contributed

1 May: IDG Now! Case Study

1 May: Zope in InfoWorld WebDAV article

27 Apr: ZODB 3 UML Model

15 Apr: ZServer 1.0b1 released

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Zope Community

Who's Using Zope?

Find out about who's using Zope and how they're using it.

  • Testimonials - Read what developers have to say.

  • Case Studies - Find out how businesses have used Zope.

  • Zope Hosting Providers - Find out who's offering Zope Hosting. And, if you're an ISP, find out why you might want to offer Zope.

Community Resources

Mailing lists

The Zope community gathers in a few Mailman based mailing lists. (Mailman provides an overview of the collection of public mailing lists on zope.org.)

  • Zope - The general list for Zope users, concerning operation of and content management with Zope.

  • Zope-dev - A separate list for Zope developers, focusing on Zope's innards and continuing evolution.

  • ZDP - A list for the Zope Documentation Project (ZDP), a volunteer effort (RAH RAH go team!) to improve the documentation and other information resources, at least initially a FAQ and howto's, for the Zope community. Visit the ZDP site to see the ongoing work.

    (We also have a small collection of HowTo documents onsite.)

  • Zope-checkins - A mailing list reporting the checkin messages of the core Zope developers as checkins are committed. This is corresponds to the public CVS distribution, described below. This list is not for discussion - the zope-dev list should be used, instead.

  • Digicool-CVS - A mailing list for discussing the Digital Creations public-CVS arrangements, and also for checkin messages for the core administrative files on which the arrangment is based - see below for more details.

Public CVS

Digital Creations is hosting continuously up-to-date mirrors of Zope developer's CVS-based source code repositories, so the community at large can track Zope source code changes as they are applied. Follow the instructions to arrange for your own checkouts over the internet, and see the zope-checkins and Digicool-CVS entries for info about receiving checkin annoucements as checkins are made.

We are initially making the core Zope sources available, and plan to bring other projects online - from developers within and outside of Digital Creations. If you are continuing to develop a body of Zope-relevant code that you'd like to publish via CVS from zope.org, contact me, klm@digicool.com.

In any case, if you are maintaining or considering development of a Zope project, and are interested in support, contact us .

Contributed Code Archive

We are developing a contributed code archive. We are planning on using Michel Pelletier's ZTrove. In the mean time we have a temporary contrib area available.

Some Volunteer Efforts

We have an area for coordination of in-progress efforts between digital creations and members of the community - currently, mostly help with documentation development and refinement:

Investor's Corner

In an Investors Corner series of tutorials, Hadar Pedhazur, the infamous venture capitalist who turned Digital Creations to Open Source, shares some of his experiences with Zope.

Creative Expression

No large software project would be complete without a theme song .

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