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15 Apr: ZServer 1.0b1 released

6 Apr: Zope and WebDAV Article

24 Mar: Z ODB technical docs updated

23 Mar: Zope Intro In Russian

15 Mar: Zope does WebDAV

12 Mar: Public CVS

11 Mar: Pretty Printable Pages on Zope.org

11 Mar: Advanced DTML How-To

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Zope Releases

Welcome to the 1.10.2 release of the Z Object Publishing Environment, aka Zope.

Download Zope 1.10.2 This is the current stable release.

Download ZServer 1.0b1 This is a beta of the next-generation Zope information server.

Download precompiled and configured Apache for Zope (ZAP)

Download Zope Database Adapters

Download DCOracle (Digital Creations Python interface to Oracle)

Download Zope components separately

Download contributed software

Unsupported Products (Confera, etcUserFolder, UserDB and more)


Zope is an extremely flexible environment so it does not have too many requirements. For this beta, here they are:

  • For the source release you need Python 1.5.1 or 1.5.2a2 (specifically, though, not Python 1.4 and 1.5.2a1)

  • An external web server is optional


We now have a Support area and an online Bugs and Features database.

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