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Current Zope Releases

There are generally two Zope releases, the stable release which is older but more proven, and the development release which contains new features, but is not yet completely stable.

Windows, Solaris, Linux and source downloads are available here:

If you are currently using a Zope release older than 2.2, be sure to read Upgrading to Zope 2.2.0 for important upgrading information.

Latest Hotfix

Hotfix products provide a way to incorporate important fixes into Zope at runtime without having to upgrade a software installation. Be sure to view all of our Zope hotfixes to be sure you've got the most secure instance of Zope running.

  • Zope versions 2.3.0 through the 2.3.1 beta 1 release should have the 2001-03-08 hotfix installed to address a potential security issue.
Products By Category
External Access

Products that allow access to the world outside of zope, like Database Adapters. Also includes things that help other products access/use Zope.


Products that help site developers build sites, like templates.

User Management

Products that let you manage users in different ways.


Products that show information visually, like graphs and photos.


Products that relate to serving HTTP or other protocols, including interoperability with existing servers (like Apache).

Content Object

Products that allow the creation of new "generic" documents that should contain content, like DTML Document.


Products that patch the Zope source code.


Products who primarily serve to provide examples for those wishing to develop products.


Products that help you build navigation for your site.


Products whose primary function is to solicit feedback from the viewer.


Products that have to do with buying or selling.


Products that help Zope talk in many languages


These products have no categorization.

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