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Member FAQ

What can I do on

Membership gives you your own home folder on where you can create and manage your own Zope objects. The objects you create and maintain will be available to all people who visit

Site visitors can find your content using the site search or by browsing your member folder.

Many pages on the site are generated by search queries - by providing metadata such as keywords with your content it can appear in automated site pages such as product or news listings.

What material is acceptable for

Any material that is relevant to the Zope user or programmer community. This includes things related to Zope, Python, the Web, events, articles, announcements, product releases, etc.

This does not include spam, private Web sites, non-Zope related material or blatantly offensive material.

Please use your best judgement when posting materials to the site. The reviewers reserve the right to reject, refuse publication and remove materials deemed to be inappropriate without notice.

What kind of objects can I create?


These are basic formatted text documents.


These objects are for offsite links. Creating link objects allows you to describe a web resource of interest to Zope users. To list a site as a Zope Site on the Resources page, select the Powered By Zope keyword from the keywords list when you add the link.


A How-To is a short piece of Zope documentation. By creating a How-To you are making sure that your knowledge is easy for others to find.


A tip is a short hint about Zope or If you have more than a sentence of advice use a How-To instead of a Tip.

News Item

Use these objects to make announcements to the Zope community. Your news items will automatically appear on the home page.

When you create new How-Tos or make new software releases it is a good idea to also create a News Item to let people know.

Software Package

This is an object which represents a downloadable piece of software. The software need not reside on the Zope site. The Software Package is just a record of information about the software.

In general if you have contributed Zope software that you wish to distribute you should create a Software Package in your home folder. Then if you wish to upload your software to, simply create a Product Release object inside your Software Package.

Product Release Files

These objects represent the actual downloadable bits of a piece of software. Product release files are created within a particular Product Release object.

How does reviewing and publishing work? allows members to publish Zope-related content on the site. To ensure that content is appropriate, it is reviewed before being made visible to users of the site.

To make content visible to other users of the site, it must be published. To publish content, click the State link in the list of content actions, select the submit radio button on the publishing form and click the save button.

Once you have done this, your content has been submitted for review and publication to the site. A reviewer will release your content to be published on the site, so long as it is on-topic and appropriate.

How do I edit my content?

You can make changes to content you have published on, but first you must retract an item before you may edit it. To retract an item for editing, click the State link in the list of content actions, select the Retract radio button and click the save button.

Once the item is retracted, it is hidden from public view while you make your changes. When you have finished changing an item you can re-publish it to make it visible again to site visitors.

Why do I get an insufficient privileges error when I try to edit my content?

This usually means that the item is currently published and must be retracted before it can be edited. To retract an item for editing, click the State link in the list of content actions, select the Retract radio button and click the save button.

Why does some of my content seem to be inaccessible to me?

The new site is somewhat more restrictive than the old site, in that programming constructs such as DTML and ZPT are generally not available to site members. Existing DTML, ZPT and scripts have not been removed, but important content in these formats should be moved to Document objects or other formats.

The old site is still available at for reference if you need to port older dynamic content to new objects.

Reporting Problems

If you encounter problems using the that are not addressed in this FAQ, please let us know using the issue collector.


Discussion icon Which CMS

Posted by: awrigh4 at 2003-09-09

I am completely confused about CMS. I have an idea for a site and initially thought I would have to fashion my own code and then I discovered various CMS like ZOPE, SLASH, NUKE, XOOPS, DRUPAL.

Whilst I image people on this site have a favourite (now let me guess), I also imagine that you have experience in looking at these systems and could give me an honest view based on my specific requirements, follows.

Menu. 1. Content will be categorised by subject and location. 2. A menu will allow users to select content to view, by subject. One of the menu options will be all subjects. 3. Subject catagories ,without content, will not be displayed as menu items in the menu 4. Subject headings within the menu will indicate the number of articles in that catagory.

Subject View 1. When a subject heading from the menu is selected, relevant articles are retrieved and categorised by Local (that is the subject location matches the user location), Region (that is the subject region matches the users region), Global and then Other. 2. If any of the geographical categories do not have content then the heading is omitted. 3. Articles can be ordered by Editors (a user type) votes, Readers (another user type) votes and/or date posted. 4. The subject view can view articles posted in the last 24 hours or over the last week via a FrontPage user controlled switch

Feedback Readers (and editors) can comment on articles, displayed in time order. Readers (and editors) can partake in a BB which is hierarchical/tiered with subject areas that match those in the menu described above.

Gosh I know this is a lot to trawl through. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me which CMS could do this.


Discussion icon Porting old DTML content

Posted by: MacGregor at 2003-09-19

>> The new site is somewhat more restrictive than the old site, in that programming constructs such as DTML and ZPT are generally not available to site members. Existing DTML, ZPT and scripts have not been removed, but important content in these formats should be moved to Document objects or other formats.

Just found that out the hard way, after trying to find a way to access/modify some of the old DTMLs in my UserFolder for about half an hour.

Still don't know how I'm supposed to change/edit/remove them. Any help appreciated...


Discussion icon about CMF

Posted by: ombhambure at 2003-09-30

Hi i omkar using ZOPE application since 2 months.I like the concept behind the CMF. I want example of CMF application with all details so to develop site by using CMF. Hope reply getting sooon...



Discussion icon upload all files at once

Posted by: shegde at 2003-10-01

I am new for this zope and wondering if anybody knows how to upload all the files from a folder (or whole folder)! The reason I am doing this is I have a PowerPoint presentation to go with the link. When I covert it into webpage format, all the associated files stored in the folder which I believe I need to store them too. Uploading those files one by one is not the solution I should be looking at, right!

So, I appreciate any help to resolve this problem. Thanks.


Discussion icon error(200) zdaemon process

Posted by: chucka at 2003-10-29

I have be runnnig Zope& cmf for my Organisation for a while and also have created other zope author content managers who have been updateing their folders .I now recieved this error(200) zdaemon process 859 terminated by signal SIGXFSZ(25) .

I have no idea whats going onfrom the web links it states The connection was refused when attempting to contact .This site is live and only the static data from Apache is working all the zope absolute links and a few reference links all broken .

I have stopped tomcat on the our external web server abd tried to run zope > ./start .

Plz help I have read about the fact zope db is not multiuser/RDBMS but I assume this is not the problem .



Discussion icon starting zope problem

Posted by: suling at 2003-11-01

i had installed the zope 2.6.2 in my redhat9. After running the start command, still not able to access zope management webpage from the port 8080. Please help me as soon as possible. Thank you.


Discussion icon Zope OR OpenACS

Posted by: mary at 2003-11-05

My organitation is going to do an Intranet, and we are know deciding witch technology to use. We have find Zope and OpenACS, both very interesting for our project.

Can anyone explain me witch advantage I would have using Zope ?



Discussion icon WAI accessibility sites

Posted by: neild at 2003-11-06

I'm looking for example(s) of Zope-powered websites that adhere to the WAI accessibility guidelines; in particular for site which main design (as opposed to an alternative - accessible - version) implement the guidelines.


Discussion icon Web Stats, WebTrends and Zope sites

Posted by: DianaAbele at 2003-11-06

I know there is a difference bewteen Hits and Page Views. However, on our Zope site when we use the WebTrends page views, i still see hits to images and style sheets. Is this a problem inherent in Zope sites since they rely upon objects in parent folders?(the header image is one of our most viewed "pages.") How can one configure either the site or WebTrends to see only Page Views in the Page View section? Thanks!


Discussion icon Deploy the site

Posted by: briankoch at 2003-11-09

I have read a lot about Zope and how to use it, and I have tried to make several DTML pages and so on. And the books I been reading all tells me to check my pages with http://localhost:8080/manage what I successfully did. But now I want to se my pages in real life, I mean without: 8080, just the name of my url. Which is, how can I run my Zope product from that address ???

Brian koch


Discussion icon Whether to use the Zope 2.7.0b

Posted by: boyd at 2003-11-22

Our group has just started exploring Zope/Plone world for new systems. We have some success to get the first demo function working and want to continue the developments with Zope/Plone.

One of the issues we have with the current version of ZOPE is with the Python 2.1 does not support https calls. Therefore we are excited that ZOPE 2.7.0b's release and like to use it. Our question is: if we start using the beta release now, will we have trouble to migrate progarms from beta version when release version comes out?


Discussion icon required Python version

Posted by: magawr at 2003-12-04

I have noted the warning that Zope needs Python version 2.1. Question : Is this implicit, i.e., it must be Python version 2.1 or may the version be 2.1 or greater, like 2.3 which I have just installed.