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27 Apr: ZODB 3 UML Model

15 Apr: ZServer 1.0b1 released

6 Apr: Zope and WebDAV Article

24 Mar: Z ODB technical docs updated

23 Mar: Zope Intro In Russian

15 Mar: Zope does WebDAV

12 Mar: Public CVS

11 Mar: Pretty Printable Pages on Zope.org

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Zope is an exciting new object-based, open source web application platform. It allows you to build powerful and dynamic web applications easily. Zope comes with source code and is friendly to developers as well as users. Here are some places to start learning about what Zope is and why you might want to use it:

If you can't find what your looking for on the Zope site, try asking on the Zope mailing list or write to info@digicool.com

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