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ZShrink is an Issue Tracking system, designed to heavily leverage Zope. It "borrows" ideas from many different Issue Tracking systems, not the least of which is SourceForge.

It is primarily designed to be easy to use, with a clean and simple look.

There is a combined demonstration and bug tracking ZShrink at --


Follow the instructions and you will be asked for a username and email address. The password will be emailed to you. This is so you can experiment with the notification stuff, and also so we know who to credit for great ideas, patches and bug reports.

We promise we won't use your email address for anything else -- in fact, under NZ privacy laws, we couldn't, even if we were that evil.

Please note that the demo and bugtracking site is also the primary development site, and as such may be down on occasion. If that situation persists, please let us know.

If you are reporting a bug, or suggesting a new feature, feel free to select any category when adding a bug. If you're just 'playing', please use the 'testing' category, to keep the database a little sane :) Have fun, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE report comments, criticism, bugs and feature requests.

Contact: zshrink@codestackers.com



Installation Instructions


ZShrink 0.42 (Development) 2001/09/16
ZShrink 0.41 (Development) 2001/09/14
ZShrink 0.40 (Development) 2001/09/11
ZShrink 0.33 (Development) 2001/09/06
ZShrink 0.32 (Development) 2001/09/05
ZShrink 0.31 (Development) 2001/09/04
ZShrink 0.3 (Development) 2001/09/03
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