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<!--#var standard_html_header-->
<!--#if "id=='Members'"-->

    Uses External Methods so we can use cahching of the values.
    This should no longer be a resource hog.

 <dtml-let info=memberInfo numMembers="info['number_of_members']"
           numListed="_.len(info['listed_members'])" numActive="info['active_members']"

  <dtml-if filter_ids>
    <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('filteredMembers', filterMembers(filter_ids))">
    <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('filteredMembers', info['listed_members'])">

  <!-- filter dialog -->
  <form action="index_html">
   <p>Filter Member IDs with: <input name="filter_ids" value="<dtml-if filter_ids>&dtml-filter_ids;</dtml-if>"> <input type=submit value="Filter"><br>
   <font size=-1>Only IDs containing the string you enter will be shown</font></p>

  <!-- summary information -->
   <dtml-var numMembers> Members<br>
   <dtml-var numListed> listed</br>
   <dtml-var numActive> active in the last 2 weeks<br>
   <dtml-if filter_ids><dtml-var "_.len(filteredMembers)"> Member IDs found with '&dtml-filter_ids;'</dtml-if><br>
   <dtml-if isManager>Cache will expire in <dtml-var "(60*60) - (ZopeTime().timeTime() - info['timestamp'])"> seconds</dtml-if><br>

  <!-- batch controls -->
  <dtml-in filteredMembers previous size=25 start=qs>
   <a href="index_html&dtml-sequence-query;qs=0">First</a> |
   <a href="index_html&dtml-sequence-query;qs=&dtml-previous-sequence-start-number;">Previous</a> |
   First | Previous |
  <dtml-in filteredMembers next size=25 start=qs>
   <a href="index_html&dtml-sequence-query;qs=&dtml-next-sequence-start-number;">Next</a> |
   <a href="index_html&dtml-sequence-query;qs=<dtml-var "_['next-batches'][-1]['batch-start-index']">">Last</a>
   Next | Last

  <!-- current batch -->
   <dtml-in filteredMembers size=25 start=qs>
     <td><a href="<dtml-var sequence-key url_quote>">&dtml-sequence-key;</a></td>
     <dtml-if isManager>
       <td><a href="/acl_users/changeUser_Form?name=&dtml-sequence-key;&submit=Edit">Manage User</a></td>

<p>  The Members roster is down for maintenance.</p>

<p> I know it's been forever, but we are in the process of moving
    to an LDAP based authentication mechanism, which should let us
    bring a roster up shortly. </p>

<p> Ethan Fremen, community liason </p>

<p>Zope Member <!--#var id--> does not yet
have any publicly available resources.

<!--#if "AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_role('Owner',this())"-->
<hr noshade>
<p>Want this page to look different? Change
the 'index_html' document in <a href="<!--#var URL1-->/manage">this Folder</a>.

<a href="update_html">Update your membership information.</a>
<!--#var standard_html_footer-->

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