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6 May: Guido wins DDJ award

Congratulations to Guido van Rossum for winning the Dr. Dobbs 1999 Excellence In Programming award. Recognition long overdue!

4 May: Zope 1.11.0pr1 Released

Zope 1.11.0pr1 has been released. This release adds lots of new features, but be careful, it is a preview release--there will be bugs.

3 May: Zope on cover of Linux Magazin

The eponymous Thomas Riedl wrote a Zope story for the cover of the German Linux Magazin, June edition.

3 May: Adabas adapter contributed

Thomas Riedl has created a Zope database adapter for Adabas which is now available in the contrib area.

1 May: IDG Now! Case Study

The case studies have been overhauled, including the addition of one for IDG Now!.

1 May: Zope in InfoWorld WebDAV article

InfoWorld briefly mentions Zope in a WebDAV article.

27 Apr: ZODB 3 UML Model

Jim Fulton's UML model of the next version of the Zope Object Database, ZODB 3, has been released - see http://www.zope.org/Documentation/Models/ZODB. It presents a thorough design view of a central zope component, and also an example of the emerging use of UML at digital creations.

15 Apr: ZServer 1.0b1 released

ZServer 1.0b1 has been released. This version fixes lots of bugs.

6 Apr: Zope and WebDAV Article

Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz have written an article about Zope and its new WebDAV support.

24 Mar: Z ODB technical docs updated

A slightly-updated version of the technical documentation for the Z Object Database (Z ODB) is now online. The broken link on the Developer Docs page has been corrected.

23 Mar: Zope Intro In Russian

Oleg Broytmann wrote a short introduction to Zope in Russian.

15 Mar: Zope does WebDAV

We are happy to announce availability of a new server for interoperability testing, running a WebDAV-enabled version of Zope, Digital Creations' Open Source web application platform. Based on RFC2518, the new WebDAV support is tightly integrated with the Zope object model and security system. It is server independent, requiring no specific WebDAV support on the part of the web server in use. More information is available on the test server homepage at http://webdav.zope.org/.

12 Mar: Public CVS

Zope is now available via public CVS. http://www.zope.org/Community/Services/CVS_public_access Consider this a preliminary trial. Once things are ironed out we'll organize the services pages a bit and hook it all up for general consumption.

11 Mar: Pretty Printable Pages on Zope.org

We finally! have pretty-printable pages on Zope.org. At the bottom of each page is a new link, called (oddly enough) Printable Page. When clicked, it brings up a page with the same content but without the Zope.org sidebar or navigation header.

11 Mar: Advanced DTML How-To

Find out about advanced DTML features with the Advanced DTML How-To.

11 Mar: Zope Documentation Project Started

Zope community members led by Martijn Faassen have started a Zope Documentation Project. They are currently working on a FAQ, a website, and a mailinglist. Webhosting is being provided by Brian Brown of the ISP 'BW Group'.

6 Mar: Zope article in WebReview

Amos Latteier got another article out, this time at WebReview. This article updates the WebTechniques article and includes a working demo application!

24 Feb: Roadmap online

The Zope Roadmap posted to the mailing list in January is now online.

23 Feb: Zope 1.10.2 released

Zope 1.10.2 is out. Download the latest and greatest Zope!

10 Feb: ZServer 1.0a2 released

The second alpha release of ZServer is out. Download it now.

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