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There are generally two Zope releases, the stable release which is older but more proven, and the development release which contains new features, but is not yet completely stable.

Download Zope 2.1.4 the current stable release.

Zope RPMS are available from Jeff Rush.

Digital Creations Products

These downloads are made available by Digital Creations.
Product Created by Date
Zope Oracle Database Adapter petrilli 1999/11/23
etcUserFolder MikeP 1999/09/15
COMObject MikeP 1999/09/15
MIMETools MikeP 1999/09/15
DCOracle Python DB-API interface petrilli 1999/09/15
Zope ODBC Database Adapter petrilli 1999/09/15
Confera MikeP 1999/09/15
Z Solid Database Adapter MikeP 1999/09/15
XML Document Amos 2000/02/10
Netscape Server CGI Authorization Patch MikeP 1999/09/15
Zope Sybase DA petrilli 2000/02/03
Portal Toolkit paul 2000/02/21

Member Contributed Products

These products are available on this site. They have been contributed by Zope.org members. See each Product page for a description of the product, licensing terms, and download instructions.
Product Created by Date
ZPyGreSQLDA-rjr reedstrm 1999/09/15
ZMirror Product. Zope -> static html rossl 1999/09/15
Redirector astaubo 1999/09/15
smb User Folder mcdonc 1999/09/15
Redirector 1.1 djay 1999/09/16
VirtualHostFolder adamf 1999/09/22
PythonMethod 4am 2000/02/05
XML2Zope roeder 1999/09/26
XMLWidgets faassen 1999/10/14
FlexFAQ hshaw 1999/10/02
TinyTable tsarna 1999/10/05
BerkeleyStorage tsarna 1999/10/05
The Tranalyzer tsarna 1999/10/15
CompressedStorage tsarna 1999/10/11
Z ODBC Adapter for Solid SQL under Linux jrush 1999/10/12
A very simple Guestbook ZClass kedai 1999/10/12
ActiveImage-Javascript Rollover Image Type admin 1999/10/14
Logger Zen 1999/10/13
Squishdot butchland 1999/10/26
Boring Product gtk 1999/10/27
Formutils fredde 1999/12/06
Webstar Incognegro 1999/10/29
UserDB otto 1999/10/30
ZPickle srichter 1999/11/04
ZMySQLDA MikeP 1999/11/02
Z Counter srichter 1999/11/04
Fortune Product lalo 1999/11/04
Renderable Base ZClass lalo 1999/11/04
The Zippy Tag michel 1999/11/04
Zope + Apache michel 1999/11/04
Poll mega 1999/11/04
ZopeLDAP 1.0b1 jshell 1999/11/04
Zope Internet Explorer Editor Demo johanc 1999/10/25
Filesystem import external method MikeP 1999/11/09
Chameleon hellmann 1999/11/09
Site Summary edmundd 1999/11/10
fastcgi-support sroberts 1999/11/24
Sybase and FreeTDS patches TheJester 1999/11/25
Z Discussions and ZDConfera MikeP 1999/11/26
ZpdfDocument gaaros 1999/11/27
SQL Input Wizard 1.0.3 neves 1999/11/29
Internationalization ZClasses tseaver 1999/12/01
PACE paul 1999/12/06
Z DBMaker Database Adapter for Linux2 luckyang 1999/12/09
SessionManager hathawsh 1999/12/09
The KnowledgeKit Product Bill 1999/12/09
ZInstaller slef 1999/12/10
Server-Side Session with SQL DB support anthony 1999/12/14
ZCalendar jimbag 1999/12/15
Simple script to package up Products 4am 1999/12/16
NTUserFolder htrd 1999/12/23
Management tree in Mozilla mj 2000/01/05
Advertising Banner Product lalo 2000/02/26
ZFormulator faassen 2000/01/13
LDAP authentication adapter product rossl 2000/01/13
[Standard] DTML Repository Patch(sort of ...) kslee 2000/01/18
jcNTUserFolder jephte 2000/01/19
Voodoo Kludge Splitter.py kslee 2000/01/27
RPMs for Zope jrush 2000/01/20
SQLProperties - objects that store properties in a DB anthony 2000/01/21
Guru of the Week Site tseaver 2000/01/21
TTImage Product RainDog 2000/01/24
Wide String support for ZPublisher htrd 2000/01/26
Favorite Links haqa 2000/01/30
ZClasses Survey/quiz product jwashin 2000/02/02
GenericUserFolder (GUF) Zen 2000/02/03
Zope Chat example product jwashin 2000/02/04
Photo Drew 2000/02/04
Ultraseek DA brianh 2000/02/06
ZNavigator jonas 2000/02/09
Zieve Product sspickle 1999/11/30
EMarket simple e-commerce system sspickle 2000/02/08
Wampum Generator, a CyberCash Connector for Zope ngarcia 2000/02/09
load_site.py with additional features itamar 2000/02/14
mod_pcgi2 phd 2000/02/14
Persistent List and Dictionary AndrewWilcox 2000/02/14
Local Factory objects lalo 2000/02/11
ZWiki simon 2000/02/15
Zope Cascading StyleSheets haqa 2000/02/15
StructuredText Document tseaver 2000/02/17
MySQL user folder vladap 2000/02/18
An Extensible, Base Banner System Bill 2000/02/18
JSplitter brianh 2000/02/25
Simple Directory of URLs Roug 2000/02/21
An Interface for MySQL adustman 2000/02/21
A simple photo album product haqa 2000/02/21
SiteAccess 4am 2000/02/22
The Calendar Tag jdavid 2000/02/24
ZCache itamar 2000/02/24
A simple site mapping product haqa 2000/02/24
FSSession gaaros 2000/02/25
ZRadius Zen 2000/02/28
Local File System jfarr 2000/02/18
Zope Jet Database Adapter jfarr 2000/02/18
ClickTracker Product ppetru 1999/11/01
Survey Product sleeper 2000/02/28
NFG Navigation Product gyst 2000/03/01
KM|Net News tazzzzz 2000/03/02

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