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Cool Control_Panel tricks

Submitted by: akendall
Last Edited: 2001-08-10

Category: DTML

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This shows you what fun you can have by calling methods available in
the Control Panel. You can display quite a bit of neat information,
like the uptime of your Zope server like we do here at ZopeLabs. One
caveat though, you must use a proxy role to use these. Ordinary Joe
Schmoe user or Anonymous has no permissions to view these.

Source (Text):
<dtml-with Control_Panel>
My Zope version: <dtml-var version_txt>
My Python version: <dtml-var sys_version>
My System Platform: <dtml-var sys_platform>
My Process ID: <dtml-var process_id> (<dtml-var thread_get_ident>)
My Uptime: <dtml-var process_time>
<a href="manage_restart">Hey, Restart Me</a>


As anonymous? by peterbe - 2001-08-11
Does this works when the user is anonymous?
Re: As anonymous? by runyaga - 2001-08-11
I would highly doubt it.  anonymous doesnt have access to /manage 
or to /Control_Panel goodies.  but you could easily 
set a proxy role on it (use the Manager role) 
and viola, everyone can use the method.

use the Proxy Tab, luke.