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restricting user agents

Submitted by: zxc
Last Edited: 2001-08-09

Category: Python(Script)

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This little but nice script shows how you can restrict a specific user agent from accesing any zope object.

It's very usefull for restricting download accelerators, like DownloadAccelerator, GetRight, etc

Source (Text):
user_agent = context.REQUEST.HTTP_USER_AGENT
denied_agents = 'DA', 'GetRight', 'FlashGet', 'Mass'

for denied_agent in denied_agents:
   chars = len(denied_agent)
   if user_agent[:chars] == denied_agent:
      raise "UserAgentError", "We don't allow download accelerators"

just create a python (script) called 'user_agents' on the folder
you want to restrict access to the user agents.

then add a 'Set Access Rule' object. in 'Rule Id' type 'user_agents'

and that's it, be aware that creating an access rule can be dangerous.
test the python script before converting it to an access rule.


Just know it's easily bypassed by SmileyChris - 2001-08-07
Some download managers (FlashGet for example) can be set so they show up as IE simply by selecting a checkbox...
But yea, this'll stop most people who don't play around with program settings :)

But why? by peterbe - 2001-08-09
Why would one want to dissallow download accelerators?
Re: But why? by zxc - 2001-08-09
Short answer:
I have a limited upstream bandwidth, and a single user was stealing all of it. 

Download accelerators are EVIL, they download a single file in 
multiple simultaneous connections, pulling their bandwidth, and 
yours, to the max. 

Some users hit pause/resume (or cancel/resume) constantly. 
So if the accelerator uses 10 simultaneous connections, 
each cancel/resume will hit your webserver 10 times. 
making your logfiles grow a lot more than usual. 
(in my particular case, I've found 89 requests from a single 
user downloading a 5mb file with DA 5.0)

So, this is why I wrote this access rule. :)