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ZEO coolness

Submitted by: kedai
Last Edited: 2001-09-06

Category: ZEO

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Zope with ZEO, will enhance one's Zope experience.

for example, Zope with ZEO will let you pack your database, update Catalog, do other interesting stuff from the command line/python interpreter.

Source (Text):
#simple script to pack your database from the command line.  put in crontab
#no error checking done.

import os
myday = 0

        import Zope
        app = Zope.app()
        #a lot more interesting stuff can be done here. e.g
        #for i in app.objectItems():
        #    print i.id()
        #do interesting stuff here, mail , sms, etc
        print "cant pack"

these tidbits were lifted off the various mailing lists.

copy the script, and put in the crontab to exec every nth hour/day/week

As shown in the script, we can do much much more. e.g uploading files, deleteing objects, etc


title change? by runyaga - 2001-09-02
how about Packing ZEO Clients?  I like it.  I wish the entire ZOPE API were documented somewhere.  Has anyone tried to pydoc ZOPE, using python 2.1?  
Re: title change? by kedai - 2001-09-02
i thought when packing database from any ZEO Clients, it'll pack the 
ZSS/main database ..?

or am i wrong?