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Print debugging message without print submitted by: peterbe
When working with External Methods and developing Python code you can sometimes use 'print ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-01

How DTML and ZPT can share a standard template submitted by: magnus
If you are using Zope Page Templates (ZPT) you don't have a standard_html_header and ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-30

Auto-generate Ids for ZClass Instances submitted by: cduncan
It can often be convenient to auto-generate ids for ZClass instances. Using this short external ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-01

Pass arguments directly from the namespace to a ZSQL method submitted by: cduncan
As you likely know, ZSQL methods only look in the REQUEST object to find their argument values ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-29

Display and edit all ZSql methods submitted by: tgraham
This a combination of pup's earlier release of "Display all ZSQL Methods" and the ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-28

Generate apache RewriteRule submitted by: divinerites
If you need a simple Apache configuration, you can generate the Apache RewriteRules with this ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-27

Cool Control_Panel tricks submitted by: akendall
This shows you what fun you can have by calling methods available in the Control Panel. You can ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-29

Adding users using your own forms submitted by: mirage
If you want to add users to the acl_users default user folder, you can do so by using a form and a ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-27

Simple Templating System submitted by: runyaga
I wanted to create a easy-to-use extensible framework for people to add 'paragraphs' to a DTML ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-27

dump the current variables of the web Request submitted by: runyaga
if you need to see the variables inside a web request you can do <dtml-var REQUEST> that ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-25