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Obtain a unique ID for objects submitted by: tagesk
Need to create thousands (or millions!) of objects and need their names to be unique, and you don't ...
Last Edited: 2003-11-24

Cut/Copy/Paste in Python submitted by: runyaga
the manage_copy/cut/paste methods are fine if you are working in "restricted python" ...
Last Edited: 2003-10-28

Take id3v1 tags from mp3 - help! submitted by: reynar
Can anyone help me with this code? I wrote it for Python... Byt I dont know how to place it under ...
Last Edited: 2003-04-09

Dynamic OpenOffice.org Document submitted by: evan
I needed to provide a printed report (a poster, actually) that used simple dynamic data, rather ...
Last Edited: 2003-11-24

Extract CSS class names used all over your site submitted by: jalet
When aggregating different web documents which may come from everywhere, you want to have a list of ...
Last Edited: 2002-12-05

Catching Url and recursively direct to children dictionaries submitted by: Fishter
One registered Product that will manage access to child objects stored in dictionaries/Btrees ...
Last Edited: 2002-12-05

Simple debugging using a STUPID_LOG_FILE and zLog submitted by: Ola
Easy debugging for Zope. debug your application by puking out lots of data to a file in your log ...
Last Edited: 2002-10-06

Make XMLRPC Calls From ZOPE submitted by: runyaga
if you want to use any python libraries, or xmlrpclib you can do this from python external methods. ...
Last Edited: 2002-10-05

Automatic Python syntax coloring submitted by: pclaerhout
This is an external method that generates a color version in HTML of any Python source file you ...
Last Edited: 2002-09-05

linkChecker submitted by: edwardcass
uses urllib and re to go to a URL and see if the word "error" is in the title tags. ...
Last Edited: 2003-06-18