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programatically adding properties to objects submitted by: runyaga
sometimes you want to create default properties on a object, like a Folder or DTML Document. You ca ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-10

listing of users submitted by: runyaga
getting a list of users from acl_users is fairly straightforward, whats really odd is that User Fol ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-09

get a list of Published Documents submitted by: runyaga
in ZOPE its usually very common to have a (nested) folder structure with DTML Documents in them. Wh ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-08

Random Objects From Catalog submitted by: runyaga
for whatever reason you need to get random objects from a catalog, this script works nicely. * ** ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-03

Call ZSQLMethod from Script (Python) submitted by: runyaga
I posted this to c.l.p awhile back and just want to document it here, if its useful great.
Last Edited: 2001-07-03

get Root Object submitted by: runyaga
sometimes you need to get the root object and traverse it manually. someone ran into a problem wher ...
Last Edited: 2001-07-12

ISO weeknumbers, the reverse submitted by: faassen
So, we've got a year and a weeknumber, and now we'd like to do get a DateTime object for the start o ...
Last Edited: 2001-06-29

ISO weeknumbers submitted by: faassen
Need to support ISO weeknumbers? Not much used in the US, but they're common in Europe. This datet ...
Last Edited: 2001-06-29

Sort DTML Documents as you need submitted by: ioan
Into a forum system you post some messages (DTML Documents) and otheres rate them. Each message has ...
Last Edited: 2001-06-28

uptime submitted by: runyaga
quick python script that gives you Uptime (time elapsed since the start of current instance) of your ...
Last Edited: 2001-06-21