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file uploader with extensions submitted by: edwardcass
Much more the black box now, Perl's been replaced with Python (per runyaga's request). Now, all you ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-09

Pass multiple values from python script to DTML submitted by: ksmithcw
Pass multiple values from python script to DTML. Taken from a mailing list post by Duncan Booth If ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-09

restricting user agents submitted by: zxc
This little but nice script shows how you can restrict a specific user agent from accesing any zope ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-09

Using non-declared variables on DTML submitted by: Wolfox
PHP programmers are used to use 'if' constructs to test non-defined variables. The same throws an ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-09

Change the right properties submitted by: peterbe
This recipe is just a little reminder for you ZClass product developer. When you change the ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-08

Pass arguments directly from the namespace to a ZSQL method submitted by: cduncan
As you likely know, ZSQL methods only look in the REQUEST object to find their argument values ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-08

View recently updated sites submitted by: macguyver007
If you run a Zope server with multiple folders which are their own websites. This comes in handy if ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-08

Sort DTML Documents as you need submitted by: ioan
Into a forum system you post some messages (DTML Documents) and otheres rate them. Each message has ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-08

Change Objects Ownership submitted by: runyaga
This recipe allows you to change the ownership of a object through-the-web. since ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-08

"Restart This Zope Server" Button submitted by: datagrok
I restart my (various) zope server instances a lot while developing products. It's conveinient to ...
Last Edited: 2001-08-08