An interactive service of DGXIII of the European Commission serving you with latest  EU information on the European markets for multimedia content and electronic information services.

Global Information Networks: Ministerial Conference Bonn 6-8 July 1997

  I*M News  

An online news service providing information on DGXIII's initiatives for the information and multimedia content markets. It features news summaries, calls for proposals/tenders, events , and latest news on I*M Europe.

  Interactive services

I*M Europe offers a set of services which include the ECHO databases, comprising partner-finding, daily tenders and a multilingual electronic dictionary. Besides, full-text searching of EC web servers, document ordering , events registration, and much more...


A programme aiming to stimulate the European multimedia content industry and to encourage the use of multimedia content in the information society. Its action lines address MIDAS-NET , ECHO , legal issues, new multimedia projects, geographic information, market studies, standardisation and skills development.

  Multilingual Information Society (MLIS) 

is a programme to promote the liguistic diversity of the EU in the information society. It is intended to raise awareness of, and stimulate provision of multilingual sevices, favourable conditions for the language industries, reduced cost of information transfer among languages, and contribute to the promotion of linguistic diversity.

  Telematics Applications Programme  

This programme is aimed at stimulating RTD in applications of information and/or communications technologies. It has 13 sectors, which include Telematics for Education and Training, Telematics for Libraries, Language Engineering, and Information Engineering.

  Educational Multimedia Task Force

The role of this task force is to strenghten the position of the European educational multimedia industry and to enable users to derive maximum benefit from new technologies as applied to education and training. Innovative projects are supported and encouraged. 

  Trans-European Telecommunications Networks (TEN-TELECOM)

This programme promotes the implementation of the trans-European services and applications of the information society, based on the use of telecommunication infrastructures. It focusses on projects demonstrating clear socio-economic benefits and sufficiently mature to be deployed in the short term, and where a financial commitment by public and private parties depends upon an initial aid at Union level.