There are many events taking place around the world concerned with, or having an impact on, the Information Market and/or multimedia technologies. We have indicated below those of which we are aware. Please contact the organisers directly for more information or to register on-line.

If you are organising an event or know of one which you would like publicised here, please inform us.

The following initiatives have their own events section:

Telematics for Education and Training
Trans-European Telecommunications Networks
Language Engineering
Information Engineering
Telematics for Libraries

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6 - 8 July
Global Information Networks: Ministerial Conference
This G7 conference, entitled Global Information Networks : Realising the Potential, is being organised by the European Commission and hosted by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.
DG XIII will be present at this event.
Bonn, Germany

7- 8 July
The development and growth of electronic information networks in general and the Internet in particular has provided increased opportunities for the provision and access to information. This conference will examine the development of community information networks (CINs) from Concept into Reality.

Last year's successful conference, CIN '96, was the first of its type in the UK, and had speakers from a number of CINs which were in the process of development. This year's conference will look at how CINs in the UK have developed over the past year, and will also provide an overview of developments worldwide. It will give delegates the opportunity to meet and hear from people developing CINs in the UK and elsewhere and to participate in the shaping of information networking in the community. In addition to the presentations, the conference will include workshops at which delegates will have the opportunity to actively participate and to make recommendations. The conference will have speakers with a wide range of backgrounds from the local, regional and national scenes in the UK, and also from Europe and the USA.

This year's conference will be the venue for the launch of the national association for Community Networks - UKCO.
Stephenson Hall, Sheffield University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

7 - 11 July
35th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics and 8th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics.
From research to commercial applications: making natural language processing technology work in practice. Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Madrid, Spain

DG XIII will be present at this event.

13 - 14 July
Medpartenariat Jordan 1997
The event is organized with the support of the European Commission and aims to foster contacts between Jordanian companies and potential partners from other countries. As with other Europartenariat events sponsored by the Commission, Medpartenariat Jordan will bring together a selection of Jordanian companies both offering and seeking international cooperation. These companies wish both to increase their activities outside their home markets and to extend their activities in the Jordanian market. Opportunities offered/sought will be publicised through a catalogue circulated in advance of the event to all visiting companies.
For more information, please contact:

Medpartenariat Jordan 1997
Jordan Export Development & Commercial Centres Corporation (JEDCO)
PO Box 7704
Amman 11118
Tel. +962-6-603660/603507
Fax +962-6-606120/684568

Amman, Jordan

23 - 26 July
2nd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


10 - 13 August
ICTE Oslo 1997
14th International Conference on Technology and Education
The overarching theme of the conference, Changing Practices and Technologies; Decisions Now for the Future, is divided into seven sub-themes. Sessions will include panels, workshops, round table discussions, computer labs, and demonstrations, as well as formal papers.

Theme 1 : Information technology and Educational Policy
Theme 2 : Implementation in the Classroom
Theme 3 : Educational Tools
Theme 4 : Distance and Open Learning
Theme 5 : Teacher Education
Theme 6 : Research Programmes
Theme 7 : Education and the Information Technology Industry

Pre-Conference Seminars
University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
DG XIII will be present at this event.

11 - 22 August
3rd European Media Summer School
The European Institute for the Media (EIM), is an independent policy-orientated research institute located in Düsseldorf, Germany. The EIM is currently organising its third Summer School on European Media, which will be held at the Institute's headquarters and has 'Social implications of the Information Society' as its theme.
Düsseldorf, Germany.

14 - 17 August
This will address all aspects relevant to music, from the development and infrastructure of the global information society to the dialogue between the music and media sectors and politics.
Kölnmesse, Köln, Germany

27 - 29 August
NEW TRICKS 2: eLib and Telematics: Projects and Partnerships. Bournemouth University Library & Information Services Conference
The eLib Programme, in the UK, and the Telematics Applications Programme, covering the whole of the EU, are developing independently applications, that will have a major impact on libraries in the near future. This conference will, for the first time, bring together projects in key areas of interest, to allow both potential users and the project workers themselves to compare aims, objectives and results thus far.
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

31 August - 5 September
IFLA 1997 - 63rd General Conference and Council of The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
IFLA's annual conference and exhibition bringing together several thousands of delegates, experts and library and information suppliers from all over the world. This year theme is "Libraries and Information for Human Development".
IFLA'97 Copenhagen, Denmark

DG XIII will be present at this event.


1 - 3 September
Research and Advanced Technology on Digital Libraries
Sponsored by the European Commission's specific programme in the field of Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR)
Research and Advanced Technology on Digital Libraries, Pisa, Italy

1 - 5 September
Fourth International Conference on Hypermedia and Interactivity in Museums
Two days of pre-conference workshops and events are followed by three days of presentations by over 60 experts from around the world. Theme days feature Multimedia Publications, Geographic Information and the World Wide Web. Three days of rotating exhibits include dozens of demonstrations by developers of museum projects and commercial firms active in museum computing and cultural publication. Numerous opportunities will be provided for social interaction.
Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

8 - 14 September
Inter@active 97
TELECOM Interactive 97 will provide a Forum to bring together industry and government leaders to discuss the vital issues involved, including standardisation issues, and policy and regulatory matters. And there will be a showcase Exhibition which will show what convergence will really mean in terms of the applications and services that will shape the way we work, the way we live, and the way we interact with other people.
Geneva, Switzerland

11 - 14 September
komm 97
Addressing communication in new media - world wide web, hypermedia, multimedia and internet.
Including the Düsseldorfer MultiMediaMeile 1997 from 12 to 14 September
Messe Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

12 September
Conference on Regional Development in the Information Society
Organised by the European Parliament, European Commission and FAZAT Steyr
For more information, please contact Maria Berger MEP
Steyr, Austria

17 - 20 September
The Leipzig Fair for Computers and Telecommunications.
Leipziger Messe, Leipzig, Germany

16-18 September
The Facility Management Trade Fair
This conference includes also the communication sector which itself involves consultancy and management of telecommunications, multimedia and conferences.
Brussels, Belgium

17 - 20 September
Science Parks, Multimedia Information Society and Environment
The realisation of the IASP European Conference in Madeira, will assume simultaneously a particular projection reinforcing the visibility of Madeira Tecnopolo as an Excellence European laboratory, on the domain of the Information Society and environment, and as well the structural cohesion inherent to the network meaning of the Science Parks as instrument of entrepreneurial and scientific development.
Madeira Tecnopolo, Madeira

21 - 23 September
The European IT Forum
IDC's European IT Forum has established itself as the most comprehensive and authoritative conference on the status and trends of Information Technology & Communications in Europe. The focus of the 1997 edition will be on the "Information Society and the Digital Economy". The liberalization and deregulation of the worldwide Information and Telecommunications Market, fostered by the recent resolutions of WTO (World Trade Organization), are accelerating the process of the transformation of the Information Industry into what is by far the largest industry in the world; production, marketing and sales are increasingly moving towards the digital marketspace dimension, and cultural values and social relationships are being substantially influenced. The aim of the European IT Forum will be to reflect these multiple processes by means of a number of high-level, in-depth sessions.
The conference is conducted in English with translation facilities provided in Italian, German and French.
Le Méridien Montparnasse, Paris, France

21 – 23 September
The European IT Forum 97
The Conference is on the status and trends of Information Technology & Communications in Europe. It will be focused on the "Information Society and the Digital Economy".
Le Meridien Montparnasse, Paris, France

22 - 25 September
5th European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology. Technical reports, an exhibition of products, services and research results related to speech and language communication and technology.
Rhodes, Greece

24 - 26 September
Telework '97 Conference
This event will focus on the practical implementation of telework, on good practice and on effective applications. The aim is to provide valuable input for future decision-making concerning Telework and the Information Society, for the private and public sectors, for individuals and for policy makers. At Telework '97 the 100 best examples on good practice throughout Europe will be presented.
The Women Entrepreneurs Competition will also be held during this conference.
Stockholm, Sweden

24 - 26 September
CAT '97
This 4th Exchange for Business and Technology will be held in conjunction with Med-Partenariat Tunisie 97, The Mediterranean Exhibition for Subcontracting and Supply (SAMEST '97), The Innovation and Technology Centre (CIT '97) and The Mediterranean Economic Forum (FEM '97).
Further details from
The Kram Exhibition Centre, Tunis, Tunisia

24 - 27 September
Role of Universities in the Information Society
Attending RUFIS'97 will provide understanding and information on the future Information Society and its impact on higher and secondary education, technology, business, public services and the need for lifelong learning.
Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic

29 September
An Information Day on the Community's specific RTD programme in the field of Information Technologies (ESPRIT)
The Information Day will provide up-to-date information on the ESPRIT programme, including an overview of new procedures and documentation. Parallel sessions will address activities under each of the programme's "Themes" and "Domains":

  • Themes:
    • Information access and interfaces;
    • Learning and training in industry;
  • Domains:
    • Software technologies;
    • Technologies for components and subsystems;
    • Multimedia systems;
    • Long-term research;
    • Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative;
    • High-performance computing and networking;
    • Technologies for business processes;
    • Integration in manufacturing.

Participants in the Information Day will each be able to give a short presentation of their activities. In addition, area-specific bulletin boards will be provided on which participants may post a one-page (A4) contact sheet or information note. Copies of these will be included in a compendium to be distributed at the end of the Day.
Interpretation will be provided in English, French and German for the plenary sessions.
Brussels, Belgium

29 September - 2 October
Hypertext - Information Retrieval - Multimedia 1997 (HIM '97)
Dortmund, Germany

30 September - 3 October
Applica TIC '97
This first European business and technological opportunities convention is being organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lille-Roubaix-Tourcoing, in collaboration with the AIRE Innovation Relay Centre.
The main objective of the Applica TIC '97 business convention is to promote the development of partnerships between large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and suppliers of technology and specialist services. The convention will cover the following applications: - the installation of electronic systems; - computer applications and information systems; - telecommunications; - value-added services, including new activities linked with information content.
Applica TIC '97 will provide the opportunity for customer and user companies to establish contacts with a panel of pre-selected suppliers, thus promoting the development of business relationships and technical and commercial partnerships. Pre-programmed meetings will be arranged by the convention organizers in accordance with the requirements expressed by customer and user companies and the capacity of suppliers to meet these needs.
An interpreting service will be provided, covering a wide range of languages.
For more information, please contact:

AIRE Innovation Relay centre
Ms. Nathalie Gerard
11 Mail Albert 1er
FR-80000 Amiens
Tel. +33-3-22437218
Fax +33-3-22437202


Mr. Didier Copin
Place du Théatre
BP 359
F-59020 Lille Cedex
Tel. +33-3-20637798
Fax +33-3-20748258

Lille, France


1 - 3 October
Building the Global Information Society for the 21st Century
An International Conference being organised with the support of CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation and the European Workshop for Open Systems (EWOS), and hosted by the European Commission, DGIII.
The conference aim is to facilitate development of the Global Information Society / Global Information Infrastructure (GIS/GII) through identification, promotion and resolution of extant standardisation issues.
Palace and Sheraton Hotels, Brussels, Belgium

2 - 6 October
The largest exhibition in the South of Europe on Information Systems, visited by 100 000 people annually.
DG XIII will be present at this event.
Milan, Italy

7- 10 October
Towards a Wireless Communication Society Acts Mobile Communication Summit '97
The objective of this annual conference is to provide a major forum for the dissemination of the results of the European Research Initiatives, in the context of the ACTS (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services) programme, towards 3rd Generation Mobile Communication Systems such as UMTS, MBS and WLAN's including their Satellite components.
Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center, Aalborg, Denmark

8 - 10 October
European University Video Festival
This event is a video festival for Euroepan University students. Videos may be submitted up to 15th August.
Pescara, Italy

10 October
Annual Conference of the European Association of Advertising Agencies.
DG XIII will be present at this event.

For more information, please contact :

Tel. +32-2-280 1603
Fax +32-2-230 0966

Dublin, Ireland

15 - 20 October
Frankfurt Book Fair
The 49th Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest communications fair, is expected to attract over 9 000 exhibitors from around the world displaying and demonstrating the latest books, periodicals, software and multimedia.
Messefrankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

18 - 25 October
Netd@ys Europe 1997
Based on a concept which originated in the United States, the objectives of the first European "Netd@ys" will be: - To develop awareness-raising and promotional activities around existing electronic networks of schools, whether at national, regional or local level, in order to stimulate similar experiences in other countries, regions or cities within the European Union; - To use the Netd@y experience in order to inform and raise the awareness of interested parties (schools, academies, public authorities, businesses) of the advantages of networks, by enhancing their educational or operational value through the Internet (exchange of ideas, products and programmes; training of teachers; joint designing of products; - To promote the exchange of information or good practices in order to stimulate activities of common interest (such as combating drug abuse, racism or violence at schools); - To implement between five and ten Internet-related networks/projects in each Member State, by developing potential synergies between the three categories of participants (schools, public authorities, businesses), and by stimulating, wherever possible, public/private partnerships. The key practical involvement of business or institutional partners will consist, as in the American experience, in actually connecting classrooms to the Internet. In essence, Netd@y is intended to work towards the objective of having a LAN (Local Area Network) infrastructure in one classroom in five, as well as in the school's computer lab or library.
Europe-wide, Netd@ys Europe 1997

23 October
A Second International Forum for the Development of SMEs
The Forum is being organized by ICNA (International Consultant Networking Association), SODIV (Venture Capital Organisation)and LINKS (Consultancy Firm), in collaboration with the CIAL Bank, X Roads and the European Commission (DG XXIII).
Upon popular request by SMEs who have experienced the inconveniences of the traditional financial system, the second forum will cover how venture capital works, its drawbacks, how to set up projects and how and why to call on venture capital companies. The main objective of the forum is to offer a realistic and practical view of venture capital, making it possible for projects to be funded.
Having received a defined approach to Venture Capital, participants will then have the opportunity to: - meet potential project partners; - discuss projects with venture capital organizations; - seek advice and support from financial and administrative organizations; - present their projects or finance strategies.
Mulhouse, France

23 - 25 October
The 8th Portuguese Fair for Languages and Cultures This event facilitates discussion about the most recent trends and problems arising in the field of languages and language learning. The MLIS Programme of DG XIII, and DG XXII will both be present at this exhibition.
For more information, please contact:

Alexandra Borges de Sousa
Tel.: +351-1-3966089
Fax: +351-1-3966089

Forum TELECOM, Lisbon, Portugal

29 - 31 October
Online Educa Berlin
International Conference on Technology Supported Learning
This conference will create a platform to exchange ideas, opinions, research results, and information about new services and products between all parties involved in the telematic delivery of learning. It will bring together practitioners and developers, legislators and designers, researchers and market leaders from leading organisations all over the world.
Hotel InterContinental, Berlin, Germany


3-5 November
EMMSEC 97, European Multimedia, Microprocessor Systems and E-Commerce
The conference will be emphasizing how new technological advances can generate new business ideas and opportunities. Additional subjects are multimedia and electronic commerce.
Florence, Italy

3 - 10 November
European Telework Week (ETW97)
The European Telework Weeks, an initiative of DG XIII (Telecommunications, information market and exploitation of research) of the European Commission, provide opportunities for everyone who has an interest in telework: employers, teleworkers, unions, suppliers of telework technologies and services, policy-makers and environmentalists.

5 - 6 November
A New Century in Publishing
For more information, please contact :

FT Conferences
Tel. +44-171-896 2626
Fax +44-171-896 2696

Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, United Kingdom

5 - 7 November
The 14th World Conference on Computer Security, Audit & Control
Westminster, London, United Kingdom

6 - 8 November
9th European Television and Film Forum
'New Media Strategies: Convergence or Competition?'
The 9th European Television and Film Forum will take place on the invitation of SIC and the Portuguese Government. The Forum is organised by the European Institute for the Media, on behalf of the Corporate Members, around 50 organisations and companies from the media field.
Simultaneous interpretation in English, French, German and Portuguese. This conference is targeted at high-level representatives of media organisations (television, advertising, production etc.), regulators, and media policy makers.
Ritz Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

13 - 14 November
GL'97 - Third International Conference on Grey Literature
The Third International Conference on Grey Literature, GL'97, supported by DG XIII of the European Commission, will have the theme "Perspectives on the Design and Transfer of Scientific and Technical Information".
Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

20 - 22 November
Doc Forum
Le 1er Forum Européen de l’Edition et de la Documentation Spécialisées
Palais de Congrès, Cité internationale de Lyon, Lyon, France

20 - 23 November
This event facilitates discussion about the most recent trends and problems arising in the field of languages and language learning. The MLIS Programme of DG XIII, and DG XXII will both be present at this exhibition.
For more information, please contact:

Rebecca Badde
Tel.: +49-303-249949
Fax: +49-303-249833

Berlin, Germany

24-26 November
EITC 97, Convergence: Creating the Future, European IT Conference & Exhibition
This conference is focused on many aspects of convergence, which offers massive opportunities for the development of new services and the expansion of consumer choice, and is making possible changes in the way we work, play, trade, learn, and socialize.
Brussels, Belgium

24 - 26 November
European Information Technologies Conference and Exhibition (EITC 97)
This annual event is organized by the European Commission, DG III, within the framework of the ESPRIT programme. The theme of EITC 97 will be "Convergence: Creating the future". The main part of the conference will look at the convergence of industries such as telecommunications, broadcasting, IT and publishing, which have until recently been largely distinct. Such sectoral convergence is based on technological convergence, stemming from digitalization. This trend not only offers massive opportunities for the development of new services and the expansion of consumer choice, but will also lead to changes in the way people work, play, do business, learn and socialize. New interactive services, such as interactive TV and Internet trading, are the subject of intense research and trials. The growth in new cross-sectoral alliances of companies, developed in this process, is leading to pressure for adaptation of the regulatory framework. In addition, governing the nature of the content disseminated through on-line services, as well as publishing and access rights to new media, also raises considerable concerns. All of these aspects will be discussed during the conference, at which the keynote speech will be given by Nicholas Negroponte, director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab.
The final day of EITC 97 will include a presentation of the Commission's plans for the "Information Society Technologies" programme under the Fifth RTD Framework Programme. A number of parallel workshops and forums will cover topics such as research networks, multimedia content, mobility and electronic commerce. In addition, the "Access to Finance" sessions will introduce IT innovators looking for venture capital to the markets through a range of workshops and presentations, and there will be an Investment Forum, by invitation, to introduce venture capitalists to selected high-tech SMEs. There will also be a workshop on the final day entitled, 'The World Wide Web as an enabler of the Knowledge Society - Trends at the turn of the century.'
At the EITC 97 exhibition a selection of products developed by R&D projects and take-up actions will demonstrate the range and potential of support from the ESPRIT programme. The 1997 European IT Prizes will be presented at the conference by the President of the European Commission, Jacques Santer. The finalists'entries will also be on display in the exhibition throughout the conference.
Brussels, Belgium

26 - 19 November
Brussels, Belgium


9 - 11 December
DG XIII will be present at this event.
London, United Kingdom



14 - 17 January
TAP '98
Annual Telematics Applications Conference. Showcase for results of EU telematics applications and research.
Barcelona, Spain

29 January - 2 February
This event facilitates discussion about the most recent trends and problems arising in the field of languages and language learning. The MLIS Programme of DG XIII, and DG XXII will both be present at this exhibition.
Paris, France


CLAW '98
The Second International Workshop on Controlled Language. Covers the full range of academic and applied research efforts in controlled languages, with strong industrial and international participation.
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

20 - 25 March
Centrum für Büro, Information und Telekommunikation (World Business Center Office, Information, Telecommunications). Leading international trade fair for office, information and telecommunications.
Hannover, Germany


6 - 8 May
The third European Health and Safety at Work Film and Multimedia Festival
The event is organized by the European Commission, DG V, and the UK Health and Safety Executive, as part of the UK's Presidency of the Council of the EU. The aim of the festival is to raise awareness among producers and users of audiovisual products of the subject of health and safety at work. The three objectives of the festival are: - to develop and promote the production and use - both quality and quantity - of audiovisual material on the subject of health and safety at work, including new media products such as CD-ROMs, multimedia and the Internet; - to provide a forum for producers, commissioning parties and users to exchange opinions; and - to present the latest developments in audiovisual production.
The conference will be conducted in English, French and German.
For more information please contact:

Health and Safety Executive
Ms. Claire Swift
203 Daniel House
Trinity Road
Merseyside L20 3TW
United Kingdom
Tel. +44-151-9514595
Fax +44-151-9514913

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

22 May - 30 September
World Expo 98
The Oceans, a heritage for the future
The Lisbon World Exposition, which will become an international forum for the exchange of all information essential for decision-making concerning the management of our common ocean heritage, has the following objectives:

  • to collate current knowledge of the oceans
  • to balance the experience acquired through use of the oceans
  • to underline the interdependence between the oceans and the atmosphere
  • to assess the available potential of the oceans
  • to encourage those countries concerned about the future of the oceans to work together
  • to contribute to the success of the international community's attempt to define new policies for the oceans.

Lisbon, Portugal

12 - 14 May
Messefrankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany


4 - 6 June
Sixth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS '98)
This conference will bring together academics and practitioners from Europe and elsewhere who are involved in the study, management, development, and application of Information Systems (IS).
Aix-en-Provence, France

20 - 25 June
The World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia and the World conference on Educational Telecommunications. These annual conferences serve as multi-disciplinary forums for the discussion and dissemination of information on the research, development, and applications on all topics related to multimedia/hypermedia and distance education.
ED- MEDIA/TELECOM, the premiere international conferences in the field, span all disciplines and levels of education and attract 1000+ attendees from 50+ countries.
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany


14 - 17 August
Information Seeking in Context : International Conference on Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts
The Conference will offer an opportunity to hear results of the latest research in the field of information seeking, to debate methodological issues, and to identify areas for further research.
The Department of Information Studies at Sheffield University, Sheffield, United Kingdom

26 - 30 August
CeBIT HOME `98 Electronics
Offering a marketplace for multifunctional technologies and innovative sales strategies.
Messegelände, Hannover, Germany


7 -12 October
Frankfurt Book Fair
The 50th Frankfurt Book Fair, the world's largest communications fair, is expected to attract over 9 000 exhibitors from around the world displaying and demonstrating the latest books, periodicals, software and multimedia.
Messefrankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany



10 - 17 October
The largest exhibition/fair in the world dedicated to telecommunications occurs in Geneva every four years, organised by the International Telecommunication Union.
A conference - the Forum - runs in parallel.
Geneva, Switzerland