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Educational Multimedia Task Force

The Industry Research Educational Multimedia Task Force, set up on the initiative of Commissioners Edith Cresson and Martin Bangemann of the European Commission, covers educational and cultural products and services which can be accessed via television sets or computers, whether or not connected to telematics networks, used in the home, in educational and training institutions or at work, and offering a high level of interactivity.

Contact points

European Commission
M. Michel Richonnier
Director of Educational Multimedia Task Force
Fax: +32/2-29-62392
E-mail: Michel.Richonnier@bxl.dg13.cec.be

Educational Multimedia Task Force Help Desk
29 Avenue de Beaulieu (Office 6/05)
B-1160 Brussels
Tel.: +32/2-29-69012 or -69712
Fax: +32/2-29-93738
E-mail: edu.mm@bxl.dg13.cec.be
X400 address: G=EDU S=MM OU1=BXL O=DG13 P=CEC A=RTT C=BE

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