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For Immediate Release


Aug. 15, 2006

Office of the Premier




VANCOUVER – Premier Gordon Campbell announced the following five changes to cabinet today.


Michael de Jong is appointed Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation and Government House Leader. Tom Christensen is the new Minister of Children and Family Development. Stan Hagen is the new Minister of Tourism, Sport and the Arts. Olga Ilich is the new Minister of Labour and Citizens’ Services. Surrey-White Rock MLA Gordon Hogg rejoins cabinet as the new Minister of State for ActNow BC, under the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts.


“As my government enters a new phase in its second mandate, I am pleased that four current ministers and one former minister have accepted new assignments as members of the executive council,” Campbell said.


“The knowledge, strengths and experience that these ministers bring to their new portfolios will build on the groundwork they laid for each other in their previous capacities,” Campbell added. “These changes are aimed at advancing several strategic priorities that are central to my government’s vision for British Columbia.


“We are committed to better co-ordinating cross-government activities, building a new relationship with Aboriginal people and advancing the treaty process. We are also committed to strengthening services for children and families through regionalized delivery models that better meet the needs of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities alike.


“By creating a dedicated minister of state for ActNow BC under the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts, we will put new focus on efforts to promote healthy living and physical fitness,” Campbell said. “This will also allow the minister of health to devote more of his time and energy to leading the Conversation on Health and on improving health-care services for all British Columbians.


“The four-year collective agreements with public-sector unions also provide a positive new foundation for improving citizen-centered services in partnership with public servants,” Campbell concluded.


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Jason Keenan

Office of the Premier

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