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For Immediate Release


April 20, 2004

Ministry of Forests

Southern Interior Region




KAMLOOPS – Members of the public who are planning to travel in forested areas burned by last year’s wildfires are encouragedto use caution at all times to protect their personal safety and forest resources.


A website with safety tips, links to fire maps, and rules on forest road use is now online at the Ministry of Forests Southern Interior Region web site at A section on wild edible mushrooms has also been included, based on potential public interest in picking morels in the wake of last year’s fire season.


The public is advised that mushroom fruiting is impossible to predict, and depends on factors including the weather. Mushroom picking is an unregulated activity. It is permitted on provincial forest land, but illegal in provincial parks. On private land, permission is required.


Burned forest areas pose both known and unexpected hazards, including falling trees. In many areas, public roads have been deactivated to reduce potential environmental concerns. The public is reminded to use caution at all times and to report suspicious activities or environmental damage to local authorities.


The Ministry of Forests is conducting rehabilitation activities, such as aerial reseeding, in many burned areas. As well, commercial salvage operations of fire-damaged timber are under way. Members of the public should keep their distance from such operations and heavy equipment.


All users of public forest lands do so at their own risk.








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