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Ruth Kneale

Ruth Kneale


Ruth is the Systems Librarian for the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope project, and the NSO webmaster. She has been a member of the Special Library Association since 1997, and is currently the Chair of the Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division's Networking Committee.

Projects and Duties

As Systems Librarian, Ruth is responsible for documentation, database development, electronic resource management, research needs, technical support, and whatever else is needed by the ATST staff. As the NSO webmaster, she handles web design, development, and scripting needs for the various NSO projects. Her main duties for SLA-PAM are also web-related; in addition she researches and talks on the image of librarians in the Internet Age.

Current Research Interests

Conisio; Javascript; Perl; patron perception of librarians/patron computer use in libraries; continuing database development; human-computer interactions.

Bibliography and Professional Presentations

  • "You don't look like a librarian!" Being considered for publication in the Journal of Popular Culture.
  • Where's the Librarian? - Library patron's views of librarians. To be presented, Special Library Association, June 2004.
  • Librarian Image Study. Marketing Library Services, Volume 16, No. 8, November/December 2002
  • You don't look like a librarian!" - Librarians' views of public perception in the Internet age. Special Library Association, June 2003. (also given to the Arizona Association of Law Librarians in January 2003.)
  • "The Many Hats of an Internet Librarian: A Science Perspective", Internet Librarian, November 2000.
  • "Reclaiming the JAC Library", Information Outlook, July 2000.
  • "Establishing the Gemini Observatory", Special Library Association Annual Conference, June 2000.
  • "Librarians to the Stars", Hawaii Library Association Annual Conference, November 1999.
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