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OCLC Asia Pacific Services Products and Services
Information in Chinese

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This area contains literature in the Chinese language about the OCLC FirstSearch service, the OCLC Cataloging and Resource Sharing services, OCLC CatCD for Windows system, OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online, OCLC SiteSearch software, OCLC Authority Control service, and OCLC CJK software. All the documents are encoded in Chinese GB. You must have Chinese software to view these documents. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact George S. Ouyang, OCLC Asia Pacific Services marketing specialist.

OCLC 成员图书馆资格与OCLC服务和产品
亚太联合期刊目录团体(Asia Pacific Union List Group)
OCLC 第一检索服务(OCLC FirstSearch service)简介
OCLC 第一检索服务(OCLC FirstSearch service)数据库说明
OCLC 第一检索电子期刊馆藏联机(OCLC FirstSearch Electronic Collections Online)
OCLC 标准控制服务(OCLC Authority Control Service)
OCLC 视窗编目光盘系统(OCLC CatCD for Windows system)
OCLC 联机编目和资源共享服务(OCLC Cataloging and Resource Sharing services)简介
OCLC 馆际互借服务(OCLC Interlibrary Loan service)简介
OCLC 中日韩系统(OCLC CJK software)

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