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About Our New Web Site Design

Welcome to the newest version of OCLC’s Web site

We have made several changes in the layout, organization, and, most importantly, the navigation of our Web pages—all with the objective of making it easier for you to find information:

  • about OCLC
  • its services
  • its research
  • its employment opportunities
  • and news related to the library and information science communities

The OCLC Web site was first introduced in September 1994. Use of the site has continued to grow steadily, with traffic more than doubling in 1996:

  • In 1995, 142,551 visitors accessed 1,045,428 text files.
  • In 1996, 440,652 visitors accessed 2,265,803 text files.

During that time, the number of text files on the site has increased from about 300 to over 4,000. We have changed the site's design several times during this period in response to user comments, usability tests, and surveys.

Based on this feedback, we developed specific goals for the new design. They included:

  • developing several different paths to information to allow visitors of varying levels of familiarity with OCLC and our web site to quickly and easily get to the information they want

  • providing consistent navigation aids throughout our site so that visitors can always know where they are and how to get to where they want to go

  • displaying our information in a concise and consistent manner to help visitors navigate through different areas of the site, always knowing how and where important information will be presented

To that end, the latest design incorporates the following:

  • the ability to either browse, search, or view a map of the Web site
  • a standard toolbar (see top of this page) used throughout the site allowing one-click access to the content level above the current one (Up), the OCLC Home, Search, Site Map, What's New, Feedback, and Site Help pages, as well as the major content areas
  • more concise and easier to navigate displays
  • reorganized service areas

For more information about the new navigation tools and site structure, please see the new Site Help area (also available from the new toolbar).

We are continuing to investigate ways to improve your access to and use of the information on this site as well as your enjoyment of it, including the use of a variety of technologies and techniques such as frames, scripting/programming languages, multimedia content, and interactive techniques. Please take a few minutes to send us your comments. We would like to hear what you think of the site and your ideas for improving it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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