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Today's Headline

Chipset maker SIS licenses CPU technology from Rise
October 13, 1999
"In a strategy that closely emulates fellow chipset maker Via Technologies Inc., Silicon Integrated Systems Inc. has licensed CPU technology from troubled microprocessor vendor Rise Technology Co."

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AMD 3DNow! Undocumented Instructions
by Grzegorz Mazur
Recently, three undocumented 3DNow! instructions were found on the AMD K6 microprocessor. Were these instructions a design artifact (hardly not). The description of these instructions originally appeared in early 3DNow! design documentation and was removed shortly thereafter. Strangely, these instructions still appear in the AMD K6 microprocessors, but not those by Cyrix or IDT/Centaur.

Intel Commoditizes 3D Graphics
Most PC Users Have No Need for Speedy 3D; Integrated Strategy Prevails
October 12, 1999
"With the introduction of the 810E chip set (see MPR 10/6/99, p. 30), Intel has pushed integrated graphics from the low end to the mainstream of its product line, leaving discrete 3D accelerators for only the most performance-conscious users. By next spring, the majority of new PCs are likely to be using a chip set with integrated 3D graphics--most with Intel's name on them. This represents a huge change from early this year, when nearly all PCs contained a discrete 3D-graphics chip."

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PC Processors Explained
by Robert Collins
This brief article provides an overview of the various generations of x86 processors.

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