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Editors' Choice  -- Mobile Pentium II processor delivers the best of both worlds for road warriors-top performance and long battery life. And whether you're buying for yourself or for a business large
[Products, 02-23-99]
Editors' Choice  -- This AMD K6-2/300- based system is a true value. It comes with all the components you need: a 12.1-inch TFT screen, a 2GB hard disk, lithium ion battery packs, and 64MB of RAM. You can
[Products, 02-23-99]
No Microsoft refunds for Linux protesters  -- Windows Refund Day wasn't. Those hoping to get money back for their unused operating systems during Windows Refund Day were met with locked elevators at the offices of Microsoft Corp.
[PC Week, 02-16-99]
Picks Of The Month  -- Metropolitan Museum of Art Store-the home of Escher puzzles and miniature designer furniture-offers a different take on storing anything from trail mix to marbles. First you buy a metal-frame
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]
Dear Surf Guru  -- Web documents and search-engine results. Is there a simple way to find the info I need? Check out a free search utility called Express [] from Infoseek. This 10 MB
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]
Cool Tools  -- Swatch watch keeps on ticking. The latest Swatches, called Beep Boxes, come in the manufacturer's funky neons and provide basic alphanumeric paging. With every Beep Box, users get
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]
America's 50 Most Wired Cities... And Towns  -- City by the Bay again outdistanced the competition in our annual Most Wired Cities survey. But the rankings of such cities as Austin, Texas (No. 2!), and Boston (No. 4) suggest that
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]
Incredibly Useful Sites  -- Voltaire said: "A witty saying proves nothing." Stay Safe at Work You don't have to work at a nuclear-power plant to be at risk in the workplace.
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]
Face Time with Cindy Crawford  -- She posed nude in an issue of Playboy last year that broke sales records, and her images have been downloaded more often than any software program we can think of. Indeed, Crawford,
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]
Liar Liar  -- While the president was being pilloried for his peccadilloes, while Bob Livingston was martyring himself before the House, millions of people were practicing the art of deception every
[Yahoo Internet Life, 02-16-99]

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