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Zope Testimonials

People are talking about Zope. Here's what some Zope users and developers have to say about their experiences.

"Most other technologies tend to promote 'one size fits all' solutions. They are often easy to install, but burdensome to maintain. Nor do they scale well, as many web developers have painfully discovered... Zope components encourages a 'best fit' approach to applying tested, open-sourced components."

Jeff Bauer, Lead Developer
Rubicon, Inc. (A developer of software applications for the health care industry)

"Because of Zope's incredibly easy development model and low learning curve, our project development is 200% ahead of schedule. If we were using any other tool set currently available for our environment, there is no way we would be as close to roll-out as we are!"

David Wagle, Senior Systems Programmer

"Zope components allow me to create high performance web applications. It's hard to believe that the same query that was taking a Perl CGI 12 seconds now takes my Zope application .3 seconds. And once the query is cached, it takes 0.0091 seconds from the time the URI target method is entered to the time it hits the return statement!

"ZPublisher and ZopeHTTPServer have generated enough interest around here from this one application that two hard-core Perl programmers have asked me to hold lunch-hour Python-Zope classes for them!"

Ray Price, Senior Engineer

"We decided to use Zope and ZSQL Methods to provide web interfaces to databases that contain information about large scientific datasets - such as starting date, number of data points, and quality metrics for the data. Starting with a working 'MySQL' database, using the pre-configured Apache that ships with Zope, we got a simple query working in well under 2 hours. Very impressive product!"

Joe VanAndel
National Center for Atmospheric Research

"I'm a Design Manager at Easics. We design silicon hardware: digital ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays). We use Zope components to put our design productivity tools on the web.

"I am very impressed with Python and Zope and I am convinced they are the tools we need. A short time after we introduced them, they have become already heavily used in our company."

Jan Decaluwe, Design Manager

"At the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology, Australia I used Zope components in several projects. One that was particularly successful was a web interface to a database of satellite photo meta-data. I was able to very rapidly implement a sophisticated front end to an Oracle database. I wrote the whole interface in about a week. I'd estimate that Zope cut at least a week off the development time.

"Since then I've also written a bunch of smaller projects using Zope components - too many to remember. They've generally been completed so quickly that no one's had time to asked me what technology I was planning to use."

Richard Jones, Web Developer
Commonwealth Bureau of Meterology, Australia

"We're betting our company on Python and Zope, that's how good we feel about the technology"

Ian Prince, Developer
inextenso (Internet and environment system integrators, Switzerland)

"I am the lead intranet developer for Bell Atlantic Mobile, the United State's second largest wireless communications company. We use Zope and its components to provide access to HR data on our intranet and to facilitate other applications. Zope allows for better organization of code, and allows us to focus on coding first. With Zope, apps are developed and debugged quicker and easier, and they run faster than straight CGI. Python and Zope are intelligently designed and solidly built."

Bill Scherer, Lead Intranet Developer
Bell Atlantic Mobile

"We had a need to create an easily extensible computer quoting system for use on our corporate intranet. It had to be easy to update and easy for non-technical users to access. Zope appeared to be the perfect tool to provide this. We now have an extremely fast web-based quoting system that everyone can use very easily. It works so well that we are going to slightly modify it to allow price quoting for customers on our public website."

Timothy Grant, VP Technology
Avalon Technology Group, Inc.

"At Indigo Networks we use Zope and Oracle as our means of data collection and data management. Zope has provided us with a middleware solution that is second to none and gives us the flexibility to change regardless of platform and database. The solution is elegant and provides a level of remote management unparalleled in the application server market. For any price on any platform there is no more flexible solution than Zope."

Theodore E. Patrick, CIO
Indigo Networks

"When we decided to create an alumni website for our old department, we had a number of requirements that had to be met.

First, the users of the site are distributed globally in different time zones, so we needed to ensure that the site was always available, even while it was being modified. Zope's session handling made this possible ... changing the site in the evening in one location did not mean disrupting access to a user accessing the site in the morning from another location.

Secondly, the maintainers of the site are also in separate geographic locations, remote from the server, so the web-based management interface helped overcome this potential hurdle.

Last but not least, we wanted users to be able to leave contact and personal information, while at the same time not being able to alter the site. Users who hadn't registered also needed to be given information on how they could receive a password. Zope's flexible permissions facility made implementing this a straightworward task."

Andy Smith
Global Equity Derivatives Alumni Association

As a programmer, I have found ZPublisher and ZTemplates to be indispensable tools for creating dynamic, extensible web applications. Object publishing with acquisition and templates is just the right way to do this. I couldn't imagine going back to the bleak world of perl driven CGI.

One of the many great benefits is the ability to truly separate the backend code from the interface. This has made it possible to divide the work up in a way that just wasn't possible with traditional methods. Using these tools have not only allowed us to develop powerful applications quickly, but also they are more reliable and visually appealing."

John Eikenberry, Senior Applications Developer
Kavi, Corp

I am an intranet developer for my corporation and I have been looking for a product like Zope to aid in my development. I tried messing with products like FrontPage and other Microsoftish products, but they pale in comparison to your product. I would like to thank you for all your hard work and wish you continued success.

Dan Zweifel

Zope technology such as DocumentTemplate has greatly helped in both getting product to market fast and maintaining the product afterwards, since the developers no longer have to muck with HTML and the content producers don't have to muck with code. Thus the developers don't spend all their time managing minor HTML changes, they can spend their time focusing on code.

Drew Csillag, Senior Engineer
StarMedia Network

So far I've installed Zope on one of my home computers and I'm pouring over the documentation, and trying out various things. It's wonderful. You guys should be intensely proud.

From what I've seen so far today, "The best damn app server" is not an understatement. I've tried things like Lotus Notes/Domino, and they suck. I have not tried megabuck products like Dynamo, but I don't care: They are incredibly expensive, they're closed systems, they are developed in corporate, zombie cultures, and they're a dime a dozen.

What really gets me is that Zope is totally web-managed. It means I can build a web site and tell some guy he manages a subset of it.

Alexander Staubo

"Hiway Technologies' customer service intranet, IDS, was developed with Principia and implemented as a Bobo application. IDS is a web-based issue tracking system which is used throughout Hiway not only for responding to requests from customers, but also to track internal projects and requests. Over 30 teams and departments make use of IDS, including sales, service, support, system administration, software development, and engineering. During initial development, the project team found Principia to be an ideal application prototyping tool for developing web-based applications."

Phillip Eby
Hiway Technologies

Zope is incredible! Thank you! If you were to take all the power of Lotus Notes, shrink the footprint by a factor of 20, wrap it up in a real web-based front-end, and give it away, that might be Zope in a nutshell. Amazing.

Jamieson Becker, Senior Network Engineer
Symetix Corporation

Zope is what Cold Fusion wants to be.

Stephan Richter, Software Designer and Engineer

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