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What Is Zope?

"For any price on any platform there is no more flexible solution than Zope."

-- Theodore E. Patrick, CIO Indigo Networks

Who Uses Zope?

Zope users include Bell Atlantic Mobile, Red Hat, NASA, the US Navy, ishopehere.com, i-Gift, IDG (Brazil), GE, Digital Garage, Verio, www.HireTechs.com, and Storm Linux.

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What Can Zope Do For You?

Zope can help you create dynamic web applications such as portal and intranet sites quickly. Zope comes with everything you need including support for membership, search, and news.

Its easy to use tools allow teams to productively and safely work together. Zope provides top-notch access to databases and other legacy data. Zope's open support for web standards such as XML-RPC, DOM, and WebDAV allows you unparalleled flexibility and interoperability.

Take the Zope Feature Tour to find out more about Zope's exciting capabilities.

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How Does Zope Work?

Zope consists of a number components which work together to provide a complete yet flexible application server package. Zope includes an internet server, a transactional object database, a search engine, a web page templating system, a through the web development and management tool, and comprehensive extension support.

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